Same old faces


I sat in registration looking at the celing.  Nothing seemed to have changed since the last time I had been here before the holidays.

'Cheer up.'  Jay gave me a small shove in my side to cheer me up.  'At least we don't go to normal school.'  It was a small joke we had between the two of us about how non-magic teenagers lived their lives and how dull it must be.

'I hate the monotony of it.  Why doesn't something exciting happen?'  The bell went for the beginning of the first lesson and we left to head to our first classroom.  The corridor was full to bursting and the noise was deafening but somehow I managed to hear my name among the shouts.

'Gaby!'  A red head was bobbing about in the crowd trying to make its way towards us.  'You will never guess who's here!'

'Nice to see you too Lily how was your holidays?'

'The princess is here!'  She was jumping up and down in excitement.

'Are you sure this isn't a spell gone wrong?'  Jay was looking sceptical, his eyebrows raised.

'Positive, she's in my form group.  You should see her, she's amazing.'  Trust Lily to be happy and bubbily on the first day back when I felt at my worst.

'Well tell me about it on the way to class we're late.'

The End

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