Disapearance and unwanted protection


My parents usher me towards the school.

" Its all for the best Phill, it safer, We'll find George, don't worry about us and stay safe." My parents say in unision, then pop out of my field of view, 

George my brother , and perhaps one of the greatest wizards I have ever known had disapeared and now everyones worried i'm next.   Sure I'm talented and probably the next prodigy from my family, but I hated all of this worrying about me and making sure I'm safe. They should be looking for George , and let me help.  But noo I had to waste my time at school , with students who do nothing but gossip, and worry about petty things. I also didn't want to deal with teachers who had no care in the world to teach you.

I casually walk through the large wooden doors to meet a recieptionist who thankfully didn't ask me too much about my older brother. Once I recieve my schedule I head into a noisy bustling class excited by the fact a princess was attending school with them.  I headed to back corner of the class. Royalty musn't that attention suck. Well I hated attention and maybe perhaps others don't share my views on it but I knew if I was royalty I would have shrunk away a long time ago. The class noise became vey quite as a teacher walked into the room. Please no introductions! I think to myself.

The End

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