Thank you


I walk up and sit down next to the guy who didn't salute or bow.

"Thank you" I say smiling. He looks shocked.

"What?" He exclaims shocked.

"For not bowing or whatever"  I say. "I hate it"

"Really?" I look at him and see he really is shocked. Then I hear his thoughts.

"I'm not a selfish person" I say smiling. "I do not wish for money, power and all that. I want to be normal"

Then registration begins. "Whats your name?" I ask.

"Todd" he says.

"Nice to meet you Todd. I'm Maylee" I say smiling. He takes my hand in a shake then the teacher shouts apologizing when she see's it me.

I roll my eyes at Todd and he actually laughs. Maybe this girl wont be a bad ruler after all.

This thought doesn't actually make me happy but slightly sad. I sort of curl in on myself staring hard at the table.

This is going to be living hell for me here.

The End

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