Starlight and Moondust

Witches, Wizards and Magic.
What will happen when it all colides at the school of the society Starlight and Moondust.


I pull my suitcase along angrily. How dare he?

It will be good for you, he said. You'll make new friends, he said.

Curse you Falcon. Curse you.

So what if my powers are revealed. So what if everyone discovers I'm the heir to the throne of the hidden societys Starlight and Moondust.

The hidden societys of Magic, Witches and Wizards.

Many things exist in this world that humans don't see. Magic is a powerful thing. Many things exist in it.

I stop and look up at the school. Its a old styled building constructed of many things. It shifts and glows.

Travelling around building like this is even more complicated. You have to consentrate on your destination.

The whole building is ever shifting.

I sigh then head up the step coming into the entrance chamber.

"Hello, Welcome to The School. How may I help you?" The receptionist looks up.

I know what she sees. Long straight hair that shifts with colours but looks purely like light. My eyes are the same.

Then my body is adverage height and I'm very petite.

"Oh, your... your highness" she stutters jumping to his feet.

"No curtsy" I say before she has chance just hand me my timetable and I'll be off.

She does do that and I walk down the hallway to registration.

The End

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