Styx: Mission Impossible

The former Dark Councilor gazed at the noon sky. Hails of destruction poured from the Tharanta-class corvette's and the two transporters, who now joined the mothership in its quest to raze the Temple to the ground.

"Aldrear, Lucinda, I have a plan." Styx motioned to his Twi'kek brethren. "Everyone, gather round and pay heed!" Without a second thought, the villagers left the corpses of their fallen kinsmen and made a semicircle before the ex-Sith and his two new allies.

Styx's deep, stentorian voice muffled every noise within that part of Kalikori village. "My fellow pilgrims, the situation we face today may very well be the most dire in the history of this planet! In a few hours, a mysterious force invaded our home and set it ablaze! The Jedi Order -the only allies who could guard us from such an onslaught  - are being brought to their knees as we speak! Worst of all, our Matriarch conspires against the welfare of Tython and of its inhabitants, including her own people, by turning us against one another, and by allowing these foolish outsiders to freely attack our world!"

The villagers showed their unanimous discontentment toward these events, the reaction Styx had anticipated. The Echani continued his speech. "All of this has happened today, my fellow kindred; all of this shall end today! The Jedi may perish, and so might we - but by the Force! I shall have every single one of these outsiders fleeing for their lives before the evening comes!" The ex-Sith had galvanized the villagers without exception, as their loud and passionate ovation echoed throughout the Tythos Ridge. Aldrean shrugged. Lucinda nodded.

And Styx concluded. "The outsiders dared to bring a bloodbath unto our land; now is the time to take it back to their ships! I shall board their flagship, assume its control, and wipe those wretched troops from the face of the Galaxy! Now who is with me?" All able villagers rallied to their Zealot's cause with great ardor, ready to wreak havoc upon their newest nemesis.

"No, no! Have you lost your mind, Sith?" Aldrean stepped forward and faced the Echani in front of the whole crowd. "This is suicide! There are three-hundred crewmen in that ship! We have three dozens of backwoods pilgrims and you talk about taking over an entire corvette?! We'd be marching to our own graves!"

"Do we not do so already, bounty hunter?"

Aldrean seemed surprised. "Yeah, but-"

"Fear not, then! Death has let us live this much - why would it take us all now? No, Death shall have to wait for another time for us, for it shall be too busy reaping the souls of our fallen foes!" The villagers shouted in approval as they grabbed whatever weapons they could find: the rifles from Karawn's men, pistols, vibroswords, machetes, knives, staffs - all kinds of stuff that could quickly put an end to someone's life.

"My kindred," shouted the Echani, holding his saberstaff's hilt high. "To the shuttle!"

The End

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