Aldrear: No Captain, my Captain

The Kalikori who were still loyal to the Darth Whats-his-name began to clear away the dead bodies. As they did I watched carefully, looking among the living for anyone with the bearing of a military official. 

If I had accidentally killed him... 

"Who are you? And what is your business here?" Came the sith's voice.

"I am Aldrear. I was coming here to help you on behalf of Lortu as a favor, but it seems I've been dragged into a big mess."

The Twi'lek knelt down, making googoo eyes at her pet, then mumbled something about the jedi. It was true, I had been dragged into a mess, but I had no intention of staying in it longer than I had to.

"Sith. I need to talk to you."

"My name is Styx. Darth Styx."

"Sith," I said once more, emphasizing it to make sure he got the point, "I need to talk to you. Now."

"No one is stopping you."

I looked at the twi'lek, she seemed pretty occupied with Yuned or whatever she called the thing, and the villagers didn't seem to be paying us much attention. Fine, I hated long waits.

"I'm looking for someone. I was told they might be here."

Styx gave a pointed look at my armor and weapons.

"Do you wish this person harm?"

"If he cooperates, I will leave in peace."

"Peace is a lie, there is only pas-"

"If he doesn't cooperate then saying he is in one piece would most certainly be a lie. I don't intend to stick around sith. I have no plans on joining your little rebellion, or village, or whatever the heck you call... this." I said with a gesture at the village.

"I saved your skin, and you owe me a favor."

Styx said nothing, he only stared hard at me..

"Sith, I've probably killed more of your kind than you have. You don't scare me."

"If I help you find who you're looking for, and you harm him, then that will change. Fast. Now who are you trying to find?"

This was the part that made all the other junk that had happened worth it. Or rather, I hoped it would be.

"I don't have a name. All I know is that he is kalikori, he lived here, and he used to be a captain."

Styx tried to hide it, but the recognition was instant.

"You know him. Where is he? No lies."

The sith walked away.

"Answer me!"

He continued walking.

I pulled both guns out and aimed for his head, my fingers closing on the triggers. Instantly Styx spun and pulled them both from my hands. I simply smiled and folded my arms. The pistols were both biometrically linked to me. If anyone else touched them, or they were taken more than a few feet away from my person, there was a nasty little surprise waiting for the thief. 

And suddenly both were back in my hands. Styx nodded at me, as if he had been testing me somehow.

"You are a dangerous one bounty hunter."

"If I want to live I have to be."

"Good. Then you'll do quite nicely."

"I told you Sith, I'm not joining your fan club."

"Well I'm afraid you have little choice bounty hunter, because the person you're looking for left a week ago, and there is a now a blockade standing between the two of you. If you wish to get off this planet, you will need to help me once again."

Once more he turned to leave, only this time I didn't try to stop him. All I could was stare.

And wonder.

Wonder who the heck I had pissed off to have such a terrible run of luck.

The End

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