Lucinda: The Kalikory Village

Lucinda couldn't belive it here she was supposed to be helping the Zealots people and she was now killing them to save him. Her light whip was tearing through the enemy like butter. Moving along to the village helping Twi'lek out along the way. She had already helped a number of the Twi'lek from Kalikori Village that were fighting for the Zealot. The Elder settler was keeping up well. He was telling her were to go as they headed for the landing platforms of the village. Lucinda felt the pain from her should as she lashed another enemy in half. That assassin had been tough. If it hadn't been for Ruby, well. Lucinda shook the thought out of her head setting her mind to the current situation. She wanted to save the Zealot for a couple of reasons. He could help her, show her to use the force. Not to mention she had a feeling that if she stuck around him for awhile that adventure would find her. Being exiled on Tython had been a boring experiance. Altho she did get whatever animals her exilers sent her and that was always something to look forward to.

Lucinda stopped the ship the Zealot had come here in was just ahead. She moved forward with the elder and the few Twi'lek that had followed her

"Zealot! Are you ok!"

The elder dashed ahead of lucinda to the clearing were the ship was.


It was to late Lucinda chased him into the clearing to be met by Blaster fire from her right. Powering the light whip she swung it around deflecting the blasts before they could hit her or the elder. Yuned and Shakka were a few feet behind her still in the foliage waiting for the command to strike. Lucinda surveyed the area seeing a small force of Twi'lek enemies to her right blasters trained on her and the elder and to her left was and unconscious Jedi and a bounty hunter. Styx was bleeding standing near the shuttle, dead Twi'lek littered the ground around him. His purple saber staff powered on and in a defensive stance. Great just what she needed she walked right into a fire fight and whats worse even more enemy were arriving by the second. The Twi'lek that had come with her took up defensive positions and started firing on the enemy. All hell broke loose Lucinda was forced to go on the defensive all tho she had managed to make it to Styx she was still cut off from him Lucinda backed up her light whip deflecting enemy fire. Before she knew it she was standing beside the bounty hunter and the unconscious Jedi.

"So are you friend or foe?" Lucinda said as she was deflecting fire.

The Bounty hunters reply was blunt. "Neither, I'm not your friend, but if I was your foes we wouldn't be talking about it."

Lucinda turned her head to Styx who was still fighting. Even tho he was bleeding he was still a force to be feared. Styx through his Saber staff cutting down numerous enemies before flying back to his hand.

She turned her head to the bounty hunter again. We need  to get Styx he is isolated were he is and i don't think that is a good thing. I'm not saying you need to be my friend and you don't owe me and favors, but if you want to get out of here unscathed."

The bounty hunter gave her a look of disgust. "Fine but I do this for my own survival I have no intention of joining your little fight for the long haul i have my own agenda."

Lucinda smiled signaling Yuned to come to her. The bounty hunter was a little startled at first seeing a the Nexu such a vicous breed of animal so close to him.

"Take this Jedi some were safe and protect him. No eating i would be very displeased."

Yuned took the Jedi's body and nudged him onto his back. Taking him off into the folage some were.

The bounty hunter started to provide covering fire as they headed over to Styx's position. He was still fighting hard the majority of the enemy was focused on him still firing their blasters like he was the scorge of the planet. Lucinda gave Shakka a signal having her flank the enemy from behind. The most dangerous creature is the one you don't know is there. Shakka started pulling the enemy into the brush starting with the ones in the back so as not to alert them she was there. It was working in her favor they were too focused on Styx to notice her taking them out one by one.

More enemies arrived from the heart of the village. Lucinda had made it to Styx, but they were heavily out numbered and the Twi'lek that had joined her were now cut off from them.
 Styx unleashed a massive wave of energy from his hand sending some of the enemy flying into the air he then used force lightning to roast them in mid air. Lucinda watched this is awe she had seen this one other time. Painful memories came back to her. Memories of her time with Darth Nox. Lucinda shook the thoughts from her mind she needed to focus on the current situation Lucinda powered her light whip down and grabbed her Energy bow taking out enemies one by one. Soon enought the enemy was retreating for now. Styx turned to her and looked her over. She still couldn't see his face the mask was however very intimidating. Lucinda felt the pain of her shoulder again and instinctively grabbed it the pain was great.

"So it seems that you have killed that would be assassin. It must not have been easy."

His voice was as emotionless as ever. Lucinda smiled, "well I do have to thank Ruby for that but i took a bad hit from one of his vibro swords."

The elder settler had made his way across the clearing now with what was left of his forces.

"Dear Zealot we were worried about you, the Matriarch she ordered..."

Styx cut him off abruptly. "I know and i am not please with this it is and atrocity."

Lucinda was beside herself watching as Styx exchanged words with the Twi'lek. She could only imagine how he felt to be betrayed by the people who had given him a home, it was a terrible crime indeed. Styx turned to the bounty hunter now.

"Who are you? And what is your business here."

The bounty hunter spoke up. "I am Aldrear. I was coming here to help you on behalf of Lortu as a favor, but well it seems i have been dragged into a big mess."

Just then Yuned came out of the jungle and ran over to Lucinda nuzzling his head against her calf. Lucinda knelt down and looked into his eyes.

"It seams that the Jedi I had Yuned guarding was found by a Jedi scouting party so he is probably back at the temple by now."

Styx turned away from them looking toward the heart of the village.

Lucinda tighten the strap on her shoulder witch had started to bleed freely. She had met up with Styx and had helped him out. She was glad he was safe, and as a plus things seemed to be getting crazy around his village. The excitement was starting to get to her. Shakka was beside her now too no doubt she had been feasting on the enemies bodies. She always was a glutton, but none of that really mattered now. Two major things weighed on Lucinda's mind. One who was this matriarch and two how was she going to tell Styx about her connection to the force.

The End

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