Styx: A Stab In The Back (II)

Meanwhile, Lucinda and her two Nexu roamed the beaten track leading to the village. They arrived shortly to the skirmish between the invaders' squad and the Twi'lek militia. Lucinda drew her energy bow, and after nodding to Yuned and to Shakka, the hermit Twi'lek shot down a member of the black squad. The rest of the squad was caught off-guarded as the two Nexu ripped a few of them to pieces. It was too late to escape now: they were trapped amid angry settlers, ferocious Nexu, and an adroit beast tamer who now ignited her lightwhip and slashed every black armor standing in her way. Soon enough the squad was no more. The Twi'lek celebrated their narrow victory, although the loss of their peers in the combat affected their joy very deeply.

"You are not from Kalikori, but you risked your life to save our own," said an elder settler to Lucinda. "Thank you."

"My pleasure," she replied. "Can you tell me where I can find the Zealot?"

"We saw him head to the Jedi Temple earlier in the morning."

"He was supposed to come here in a shuttle!"

"The shuttle!" A young Twi'lek joined the conversation. "We saw an enemy shuttle pass not long ago! It was too fast for us to hit it, though!"

"Styx came in that shuttle!" Lucinda felt much more relieved. "That means he's safe!"

The settlers looked at her with a mix of surprise and anxiety. "No... that means Karawn and the others got him," said the elder settler. "We must hurry!"

"W-what? Who's Karawn?" Everyone started running toward the other end of the village. Lucinda, confused by the whole situation, followed them. The Nexu eagerly trodded along their owner. "What's going on!?"

The answer came loud and clear: "They are going to kill the Zealot!"

The End

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