Styx: A Stab In The Back (I)

Styx stared at the young Twi'lek with a stern look. His glaring silver eyes pierced Karawn's dull amber eyes with a forceful expression of disapproval made even more menacing by the dreadful design of the Zealot's mask.

"What is the charge brought against me, Scout Chief?"

Karawn chuckled. "You're charged with treason!"

"How so?"

"You have been fighting for the enemy," replied the treacherous Twi'lek, "the Jedi Order. I lured you back to Kalikori to assure that our forces defeat the Jedi... and of course, to kill you as well!"

Styx looked perplex. "Our forces?"

"Indeed, oh great Sith Lord!" Styx's nerves were being pushed to the limit by the young and arrogant Scout Chief. "Let me tell you a secret: you have probably noticed this army does not show the Imperial colors."

"I did."

"Well, guess what - they're not Imperial!"

Styx remained impassive. "Then what are they?"

"They are liberators!" Karawn's voice was suddenly imbued with passion. "They are free men and women who fight for the Galaxy's freedom!"

"The Republic and the Jedi fight for the Galaxy's freedom," Styx replied, bewildered by all this nonsense.

"Don't you get it?" Karawn got closer to the Zealot with a remarkably upset look. "The Jedi and the Sith are the enslavers of this Galaxy! They've devastated it with a war that lasted three decades! We won't allow it to happen again!"

"Does the Matriarch know of this endeavour, lunatic?"

The young Twi'lek chuckled once again. "She doesn't just know, Lord Styx. She is the mastermind behind it!"

"What about our brothers defending our village's borders? I saw them fighting the black soldiers-"

"Those defectors!?" Karawn was steaming at the Zealot's impertinent questions. "They chose to attack the squad waiting to arrest you at Kalikori's entrance! That is why Kolovish sent an assassin - an expert in eliminating Jedi and Sith - to ambush you as you ran up the path; however, you got here in the stolen shuttle, which forced us to make a few... adjustments to your capture."

"An assassin..." Styx said to himself, "that means - Lucinda!"

The Zealot, bold and irate, confronted the deceitful Scout Chief. "Karawn, you are young; you are puny, but above all else... you are a fool!"

"Enough! Shoot-"

The brushing of leaves and the sudden presence of two intruders alerted half of the Twi'lek, who swiftly turned around. In front of their eyes stood a bounty hunter and a Jedi caught by surprise. The Twi'lek welcomed them by pointing their rifles at the newly arrived outsiders. Aldrear cursed.

"Well, well, well..." Karawn said as he turned to the newcomers with fiendish delight, "what do we have here? A bounty hunter and a Jed-"

All of a sudden, the young Twi'lek fell on the dirt trail - his legs split from his upper body by the fierce lightsaber strike of the Echani he had dared to ambush. All Twi'lek faced the masked Zealot and fired at his intimidating figure, but their rounds were not fast enough to detain their target. Fueled by an overwhelming fury, Styx unleashed a Force repulse so violent that it was able to move the nearby shuttle out of its place! The Twi'lek were hurled against the dense foliage behind them; one of them even hit Lortu with such momentum that it knocked the Jedi unconscious! As for Aldrear, the bounty hunter was agile enough to turn on his jetpack once he was hit by the Force, hovering over the foliage instead of being pushed into it.

Styx, bleeding from the piercing blasts that hit him, observed the dexterous bounty hunter. Who was he? Who does he fight for? Could he be assisting Lortu? Or was Lortu his bounty? Nevertheless, all of those questions were soon smothered by the firing of blaster rifles. It seemed that some of the Twi'lek still dared to stand up and fight...

The End

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