Lucinda: The Assassin

Lucinda waved as the Zealot took off in the enemy ship. She was happy things were getting interesting. A war in front of the Jedi Temple great, but a full scale invasion now that's just a bonus. The Jedi was coughing on the ground catching his breath. Pathetic. Lucinda turned her back to him setting her eyes on the hill that led to the Kalikory Village. Ambushing the enemy from behind what a fun thing to do she thought to herself.

"Lets go Ruby."

Rudy took off as fast as she could Riverah following beside them. As Lucinda made for the hill she thought to herself, "why would the enemy make for a Twi'lek village. How would they even know it was there? I have a bad feeling about this." Ruby came to a stop at the edge of the trees. Lucinda hopped off and checked the ground.

"That's strange their aren't that many track here. Not enough for an army at least."

Lucinda readied her Energy Bow not liking the clues she was finding. Hopping back on top of Ruby they continued up the trail going to Kalikory Village. Ruby was not having any trouble going up, and Riverah was using his tail to swing from branch to branch. Lucinda loved the was he majestically swung from branch to branch keeping out of sight of the trail as not to alert anyone they may meet of his presence. Out of all her Nexu he was the smallest and the fastest. Ruby came to a sudden stop startling Lucinda.

"What is it girl?"

Lucinda looked ahead of her seeing a single figure standing there. The figure was wearing a heavy cloak and a hood so she couldn't see it face. The figure started to laugh. It was a spine chilling laugh that was pure evil Lucinda Took aim with her bow.

"Who are you stranger speak or die!"

The figure stopped laughing. It brought its hands up taking the hood down. "Zabrak" that was the first thing Lucinda registered. His skin was yellow with green tattoos covering his face.

"Well what do we have here sent to capture a Zealot only to find a little maggot instead. This should prove to be fun."

The Zabrak brandished a pair of vibroswords. Lucinda knew se was in danger she put her energy bow away and grabbed her light whip. Slowly backing up as not to alert the Zabrak of her intentions she moved to Ruby's side.

"I'd Advise you just surrender your life it will be a lot less pain full that way."

Lucinda glanced to the right just behind the assassin seeing Riverah hanging just above him. Lucinda activated her light whip The assassin shed the heavy cloak reveiling The gold armor her wore beneath. Lucinda Lashed out at him with her whip. He deflected easily still holding his ground. Riverah dropped from the tree slashing his back with his claws. The Zabrak let out a yell swinging around and kicking Riverah into a tree knocking him out cold. Lucinda Lunged forward Whipping at the back of his head hopping to end it quickly. He dodged it easily and made a dash straight at her spearing her in the chest sending her past Ruby and into a tree. Ruby bellowed in rage swinging furiously at him with her massive limbs sending him flying. Lucinda go up her hand on her chest he had speared her good. She stood up readying her light whip once more.
 The Zabrak was on his feet too standing some distance away making sure to stay away from Ruby.

Your no ordinary Twi'lek are you girl. To have control over such a vicious beast, and wield a light whip. You must be a jedi."

Lucinda laughed, "I'm not jedi sir I'm just a simple Zelada doing as I please."

The Zabrak lunged forward spinning in a circular motion. Lucinda ducked under him lashing out with her whip Striking him across the back cutting him open armor and all. He hollered in pain landing in front or her. He turned around and tossed one of his Vibroswords and it stuck Lucinda in the shoulder pinning her against a nearby tree. Lucinda screamed in pain as she pulled the blade out. The Zabrak was advancing coming at her with full force his blade extended, but he messed up because coming up right beside him was Ruby. She slammed him with full force and continued to tear him apart limb from limb.

Lucinda was bleeding pretty bad the wound in her shoulder was all the way through. Lucinda walked over to Riverah. He was still unconscious were he had landed. She knelt down and felt him. He had a bunch of broken ribs, and he was breathing very shallow. Tears were forming in Lucinda's eyes she knew he might not make it. Lucinda let out a very high pitched whistle and sat down pulling Riverah up into her lap coddling him. Moments latter 6 fully grown Nexu came up The Largest being as large as five meters long.

Please take Riverah and Ruby home." Ruby bellowed in protest. Lucinda got up and hugged her face. "If what I fear is afoot Ruby it is not you brute strength that i need but stealth. Ruby understood she start to head off to home. Lucinda turned her attention to the Nexu that had come to her call. the two she had hoped would come had. They were the most lethal of all her pets. Shakka and Yuned. Shakka is female, and she is five point 4 meters long and her coat is jet black not a single stripe. Yuned is a male, he is four point nine meters long with white fur and no stripes.

"Shakka, Yuned you stay with me i want the rest of you to take Riverah back home and help him heal."

The Nexus picked Riverah up in there jaws and started off to home leaving Shakka and Yuned with her. Shakka and Yuned were rubbing up against her calves. Lucinda went over to a nearby tree and picked some moss from the side using it to plug her shoulder wound. She tore a piece off her cape and wrapped it up tightly making sure it would hold in case she needed to fight. She then proceeded up the trail with her companions Shakka and Yuned. Not knowing what lie ahead.

"Please Zealot be safe."

The End

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