Lucinda:The Zealot Who Protects Kalikori Village

There he was standing before her a sith shrouded in black, wearing a silver mask, accompanied by a Jedi of all things. She gripped the Light whip firmly in her hand painful memories flooding her mind as she looked at the very thing she had almost become.

"Who are you sith and, what are you doing here at the Temple."

Ruby continued to rampage on one side of them. Riverah Ripping enemies apart on the other creating a calm in the spot were they were standing. Lucinda stood there motionless the silence was getting to her. The sith did not seemed fazed by the silence at all he just stood there emotionless.

Lucinda finally spoke up. "Who are you sith and what are you doing here at the Temple."

He stood there for a moment not speaking his silver eyes focusing on her through that mask.

"I am Darth Styx, and I am no longer a sith. I am the Zealot of Kalikori Village. I'm here fighting on behalf of the Kalikori."

Lucinda studied him for a moment not seeing any sign of deceit. The fact that he claimed not to be a sith anymore puzzeled her but even siths have free will.

"I've told you who i am now you do tell me who are you and what are you doing here."

He still showed no sign of emotion in his words. He was calm and collected and for some reason this made Lucinda nervous.

"I am Lucinda Akrosh." She pointed to Ruby. "That is Ruby." she poined over to Riverah. "And that is Riverah. I'm here to help the jedi out, because I had nothing better to do.

The Zealot used force lightning to kill two men who managed to get past Ruby. Then throwing his staff at two more who got away from Riverah pulling it back with the force.
 The Jedi seemed uneasy around him. Like he expected him to go on an insane killing spree any moment. He spoke again.

"I am suprised you speak basic? And I have not seen you around the Kalikori Village berfore. Do you live in another village somewhere?"

Lucinda answered him, "No I'm zelada I go where I please. I have no home."

She knew he could tell that was a lie, but she didn't care. She did not want to go into her past with him. Lucinda ignored the jedi he did not seem to be worried at all about what was going on with her. He just kept his eyes on the Zealot.

"Well it seems we are both on the same side and i have no wish to start a fight in the middle of a fight."

At this time Riverah had come back rubbing up against her leg.

The Zealot turned away. "Then let use dispatch this foe we have babbled long enough."

With that he sprang forward past Ruby into the fray Twirling his purple saber staff dicing enemies apart droid and human alike. Lucinda followed him and the jedi. She made sure to stay out of his range as well as keeping him out of her own range. The Jedi on the other hand was stupid enough to be close to him using the enemy to shield himself from the Zealots attacks to keep himself alive, it was quite pathetic really. She whiped a row of droid on her right dodging laser fire on her left. She look over at the Zealot watching him slaughter mercilessly with rage and vigor.Leaving Chi`sei in his wake He was like a completely different person while he was fighting.

"I think I'll stick around this one. He seem like a lot of fun."

Lucinda turned to see a line of droids a few meters from Ruby One of the had a remote guided missile launcher aiming it straight at Ruby. Lucinda broke off from The Zealot rushing forward to stop them, but she was to far away. It fired, the missile flew true. Just t when it was going to impact Ruby it stopped in mid air Lucinda was shocked. Looking at her hand stretched out, pointing at the missile that was floating inches from her most beloved companion. She motioned her hand back to the droids and the Missile went flying back causing their destruction. Looking back she saw the Zealot still fighting with the jedi in tow. Had he noticed? She didn't know for sure. What she did know was that somehow she just used the force.

The End

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