Styx: The Dark and The Light

While the Jedi forces struggled to block their invaders at one side of the temple, one could not perceive who was the attacker and who was the defender at the other side. Instead of staying in the same spot as a wall would, Styx broke through the enemy lines and slayed any foe he found in his path. There was no fear, there was no pity: these men and women willingly attacked Tython - they were to pay dearly for such audacity.

This created some sort of revulsion in young Nomar Organa as he followed the Echani ex-Sith. Where was the clairvoyance Master Oteg spoke of? All he could see was a belligerent man, blinded by violence and overwhelmed by fury, turning the green fields of Tython blood red at each swing of his saberstaff! He could hardly recognize the venerable Zealot that confronted the Jedi Council with utter serenity, just a few moments ago!

"You rely too much in your emotions, Sith!" The shout came from Organa, as he and Styx became encroached by golden and sable soldiers.

"Who are you to say that, Jedi," the Zealot replied, "if you have never used them?!" Styx sent forth a surge of Force Lightning, stunning the enemies in front of him to then slash his way through them. Young Organa tried to keep up with the pace and not get himself killed at the same time, using the fallen enemies as human shields.

The Jedi and the Dark-sider now faced those that they tried to leave behind, deflecting their blasts and counter-attacking with the Force. However, a menacing bellow diverted their attentions; before they could react, the huge rancor by the name of Ruby had trampled the black and yellow foes attempting to claim Styx and Organa's lives. The two men looked at the beast, uncertain of what it would do to them.

"Should we run?" The Jedi asked.

"No," replied Darth Styx, "show no fear. Stay calm and do not provoke her."

"Her? You mean the rancor?"

"No." The Zealot pointed at the beast's owner, a female Twi'lek clad in black and wielding a blue lightwhip standing beside Ruby. "I mean her."

The End

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