Lucinda looked up hearing the distant sounds of laser fire erupting. The sounds were coming from the direction of the Jedi Temple some distance from her. She looked over to Ruby, her trusted companion. Ruby is a Felucian Rancor that Lucinda had raised from birth. She has red and black stripes going across her pale orange hide and a single Red horn protruding from her head.

"Well Ruby it seams that there is quite a commotion going on at the Jedi Temple. Shall we go check it out?"

 Ruby bellowed her answer. Lucinda hopped out of the stream she was standing in, and onto Ruby's back making for her home. Ruby was fast so the trip wasn't that long. When she reached her House Ruby came to a stop letting her get off. Lucinda Hopped off Ruby and walked to her house opening the door and going straight to trunk in the corner of her house. Opening it up she gazed over the weapons that brought back painful memories of her time with that sith. The very reason she could never return to her place of birth. Alto being sold to a sith was better than being sold into slavery. Lucinda grabbed the light Whip and energy bow that were inside the trunk. She went to her pen outside her home and opened the gate releasing her pet Uxibeasts. She then let out a high pitched whistle calling for another of her companions, her pet Nexu, Riverah. Riverah came barreling around the corner at top speed jumping into Lucinda's arms affectionately rubbing against her shoulder. Riverah is a small Nexu not fully grown more the size of a dog. He has clean white fur with black stripes and some rather unforgiving looking claws.

Lucinda walked over to Ruby Riverah in her arms, "Let go crash a party."

Riverah climbed around holding onto Lucinda's back, Lucinda hopped up to Ruby's back, and they made for the Jedi Temple. Ruby made her way through the wood tword the Jedi Temple as fast as she could, the sounds of battle grew louder as they drew near. When they broke the clearing Lucinda could see the enemy,they were adorned in gold mismatched armors some republic others imperial. Lucinda scanned the battle field, the Jedi were putting up a good fight but they were heavily outnumbered. She activated her Light Whip  twirling it above her head and having Ruby charge into the fray.

The reaction to the enemy was instantaneous the droids turned firing at ruby the laser fire had no effect on her thick hide while some of the nearby living enemy stumbled away in shock. Riverah jumped down dodging laser fire and slashing the throat out of a nearby man and moving onto his next victim. Deflecting laser fire with her whip she hopped off Ruby letting her go on her rampage. Lucinda cut down two more enemies her excitement growing she hadn't had this kind of fun in, well, a long time. Lucinda continued to cut a path through the enemy. That's when she saw him, a sith cutting a path of his own through the enemy fighting side by side with a Jedi Knight but a sith, none the less. Why was he here? Why was he helping the Jedi? Did he know about her? These thoughts went through her mind as she fought on, but she would have her answer soon enough, because he was coming this way.

The End

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