Lortu: Meeting Aldrear

I run to the crash, praying for survivors and secretly hoping this person would be kind enough to grant transportation. Walking to the scene of the crash I see splinters of metal strewn about the forest, a couple Uxibeast look on calmly as I manoeuvre carefully so as not to fall or injure myself on the debris.

Amongst the wreckage I find a body, it's dressed in Mandalorian armor. Taking off the helmet I see the familiar marked face of a Kiffar, a near-human species from Kiffu. His face looks bashed up and I put my fingers to his neck in an attempt to feel his pulse, but find none.

I look down, away from the body. There is no hope for those who are dead, they have gone to the netherworld of the Force where they no longer have an identity or consciousness. 'There is no death, there is only the Force.'

As I mourn, I remember the Holocron I found, about how a student had brought back the dead with the Healing Crystals of Fire. Curious, and hopeful, I grabbed the Healing Crystals of Fire and channeled the force through it, to the body of this deceased Kiffar.

The sight was amazing, his body was repairing itself, bruises shrunk and disappeared, scratches did likewise, eventually the heart began to beat to, coursing blood through the body. Then he breathed in and his eyes flashed open.

"You're alive!" I exclaim in excitement. I jump up and help him up, making sure he didn't cut himself on the debris.

"What do you mean, was... was I dead?"


"The last thing I remember was crash-landing on Tython."

"Yeah, I'm a Jedi Healer, it's my job to heal people."

"Yet you have two lightsabers? I thought only Jedi Combat Sentinels who use the Jar'Kai form could use two lightsabers."

"Yeah, I studied in both paths. Jar'Kai for offense, Force Healing for defense. It hasn't failed me yet. So, what's your name? I'm Lortu Bassta, by the way."

"Aldrear Randul, Kiffar Bounty Hunter."

"Hmm, Aldrear, I have a proposition to make with you, you see one of my friends is being held currently by the Council. I need him out, also I need us to be able to get off-world, can you do this?"

The End

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