Lortu: Force Duty

I left the temple, and Styx, against my will to that Nomar Organa. She was a piece of work. But, no one would cross her with her lightsaber skills. "There is no emotion, there is peace." I calmly remind myself of the single tenant of the Jedi Code that I had struggled the most with.

As I exit the Jedi Temple and look out to the battlefield below I behold a measureless stream of injured Jedi and understand Nomar's need for me to be out here. After all I have, "The crystal!" I say as I smack my face. "I need to get that crystal to the Jedi Council one of these days. But I guess today is not that day."

Resigning myself to the duties of a healer, I go out and heal the wounded. Using the Healing Crystal of Fire to increase the power of my force healing, and did it increase greatly. Jedi were healed, their wounds closing up and blood flow returning in mere seconds. The greatest wounds of them took mere minutes compared to the hours that would normally be required.

"I wonder what this would do in a lightsaber?" I muse to myself, "If I put it in, along with a Kaiburr crystal, and then a green color crystal, I wonder what will happen."

Putting that thought aside for now, and tired of being behind the lines, I go out into the battlefield and draw my twin green lightsabers. I use them to deflect blaster fire and tear apart the invading army. As I do my part to end the lives of these insurgents I hear my name called out.

"Lortu! Lortu! It's me Hassa!"

I turn quickly to see a Twi'lek by the temple waving me over. Hassa is a Jedi Seer friend of mine, she sees the future and lets me know about anything that I would need to be conscious of. Immediately, I run toward her.

"Hassa, what is it, what have you seen?"

"I see a bad, very bad future for the order, Lortu, I'm scared. I see destruction, like what happened to Coruscant, and we had to rebuild here. Except there's no where else to rebuild. I also saw someone behind this invasion. I didn't get a good look at him, but he was a Zabrak and a force-user. And I saw you travelling to other worlds. Lortu, your future is very grimm." I nod and worry crosses my face, "Remember Lortu, 'There is no chaos, only harmony.'" She said, reciting the Jedi Code to me.

"Yes, yes, I know. If what you say is true, then I have to get a friend of mine out of the temple. He's an ex-Sith, now Zealot of Kalikori, and I saw a swirl of the force around him, he has an interesting destiny, and I want to be apart of it." I pause, "Will you come with us? We could use your gifts."

She shook her head, "No, my place is here, among the Jedi. But you must leave before it's too late. Find a ship and someone who can pilot it."

"Where would I find one? The only ships the order would be sending out would be fighter planes to help the war."

"Lortu, I have a feeling that this is not merely an invasion of Tython, but it might be much more sinister."

As we speak we hear a crash in the distance as debris explodes into the sky from what appeared to be a crash-landing.

"I think I have to go. Bye, Hassa, may the Force be with you."

"And also with you!"

And with that, I leave and run toward the sound of the crash.

The End

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