Lortu: Meeting the Zealot

I was making my way to the temple, after seeing the armada of ships I was a touch worried. And as I passed the Uxibeasts the sounds of blaster fire filled the air around me. Concerned, I started running faster until I see the Jedi Temple and it's courts. And there, standing was someone who looked like a Sith Lord.

I drew my lightsabers, causing him to turn his face toward me. I went to attack him but he sidestepped me; I turned, then, to block his attack as it came behind and losing my balance I fell. Using the force I jump up and post in a stance, awaiting his next attack.

"Sith, are you behind these attacks?" I speak, in an accented Basic. The man looks surprised.

"A Selkath, speaking Basic?"

"Yes, years of training, now answer my question."

"No, I am not, I am the Zealot of Kalikori. In fact, I am trying to help you stop them."

Feeling no deceit in him, I turn off my lightsabers, putting them away. "Then we are on the same side, we should work together." I pause, "Zealot of Kalikori? I've heard of you. I want to say, I want the Twileks to stay as well, they are no harm to our society and they have no where to go." The man's face softens after hearing this, then I hold out my hand, "I am Jedi Healer Lortu Bassta, it is nice to speak with you."

"We should not waste time on formalities," He says as he turns and goes to fight some enemies.

"Oh, wait! I'm going to come with you, whether you like it or not. We're going to be in this together. I see a swirling of force and destiny about you and it's interesting."

Grunting, the Zealot walks on as I follow close behind, where he goes I go.

The End

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