Styx: Conference With A Jedi

Styx called the Jedi Grandmaster through the holocom. He waited very, very patiently, until the blue hologram of a graceful lady appeared before him. She wore her famous attire: a brown sleeveless outfit with golden outlines, long leather bracers, and mid-thigh long leather boots with bonded plating. She displayed unmitigated gravity and peace, although she knew that a most dire threat knocked on her door. She was Satele Shan, Grandmaster of the Jedi Order.

"...our time is limited, Kalik-" Satele was startled at the sight of Darth Styx, the pale and sturdy Zealot of Kalikori. His face was completely covered by a menacing steel mask except for his glistening silver eyes. His stocky frame wore nothing but a rusty cuirass and shoulder pads, mainly purple with red accents. A roughspun beige lower robe covered his legs, and a crimson sash held his double-ended lightsaber's hilt.

His deep and stentorian voice filled the large tent. "You should know who I am by now, Master Satele Shan, since we are... close neighbors. I am the Zealot of Kalikori Village, but my former epithet might provide you with the required insight - Darth Styx."

"What!?" Satele almost lost her composure. "So... the rumors of the padawans were true. You're the Force-user that has been keeping the Flesh Raiders at bay!"


"Darth Styx... Yes, Styx, of course! I've heard of your exploits as a Sith. Despicable. You are a bane to the Republic and to the Jedi alike!"

"I am still astonished about how you did not recognize me right away..."

"Why are you bothering me, Sith!? I have a full-scale invasion to take care of!" Satele made her deepest efforts not to flush red in anger. "Are you behind this?"

"Does my infamous past corrupt your discernment so much? I have abandoned the Sith Order. My only allegiance now rests with Kalikori, and it is in the name of our humble settlement that I present you an offer."

"An offer? What does Kalikori have to offer to the Jedi Order?"

"Military aid," Styx replied as he grabbed his weapon's hilt and held it before his face. "My lightsaber and I shall fight for Tython and for the Jedi Order against this furtive attack." His head bowed slightly before the hologram. He then returned to his normal posture.

"You shouldn't even be here on the first place, Sith! This planet belongs to the Jedi since times immemorial!"

"Wrong, Jedi! This planet belongs to all its inhabitants, including me, you, and the rest of its Jedi and Twi'lek denizens!... and dare not to call me "Sith" any longer!"

"It's hard not to, Lord Styx. The past cannot be blotted out..." Satele's tone became lower and more insecure. "Very well. You may join us against our trespassers. But you will stand trial once this invasion has been dealt with!"

"I answer to no one but the Matriarch - and neither you, nor any of your Jedi, is the Matriarch."

"It's the only condition we demand!"

"Your temple is in peril. You are in no position to bargain with me. There shall be no conditions. Understood?"

Master Satele sighed. "Understood, Lord Styx. But you also understand we cannot grant you safe passage to the Temple. All paths are blocked. You and your minions must break through the intruders' defenses, if they refuse to let you pass."

"Thank you for your concern, Grandmaster, although misplaced and misjudged. My lightsaber and I shall suffice. As for sneaking through our enemy's lines, worry not: they shall not even notice me."

"So you have wasted all this time, Lord Styx, just to say you are going to help!?"

"I squander no one's time, Master Satele. You shall see so when I uproot this foolish army."

"Then hurry the pace of 'thy' future slaughter, Zealot! We've already babbled for too long!"

Styx's voice darkened his demeanor. "Just make sure none of your pathetic Jedi shall greet me with a lightsaber pointing at my throat."

"Fair enough, irascible Zealot. May the Force be with you."

The former Sith left his tent and sprinted down the steep, narrow path connecting Kalikori and the Jedi Temple. He found no opposition whatsoever until he reached the end of the descending trail.

Before him stood a shuttle blocking the way.

Before the shuttle stood a Temple under fire.

The End

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