Aldrear: More Clues

*This would be a lot easier if you simply gave me the information I needed" Aldrear said with mock regret. 

""You'll never... get it fr-.... from me!" the officer spat, between large gasps for air.

Shaking his head, Aldrear activated his jetpack and, still holding the man, began to rapidly gain altitude.

"What are yo-" the officer's scream was cut off as he left the ground. Seconds later he found himself looking down at the speck that was his barracks. Very slowly, Aldrear began to loosen his grip on the man.

"No!" The man yelled, pulling one arm free only to latch it onto Aldrear's own. A subtle clench of his fist, and a small jet of flame began to pour from the module attached to his free arm. With casual contempt he aimed the stream at his captive's wrist. 

The man screamed in agony as the flame doused him, but he could not let go or he'd meet a fate worse than a ruined hand.

"Please! Stop! I'll tell you!"

The flame disappeared.

"Kalikori... my officer was kalikori!"

Far from satisfied, Aldrear lifted his wrist to fire once more. 

"N-no! I don't know anything else!"

"Then I have no reason to continue holding you up" and with a flick, Aldrear released one of his retractable blades and swung at the man's wrist. 

"Tython! He mentioned Tython! Please... put me down!"

"Does he have a name?"

"I-I... I never knew it. We simply referred to him a-as Captain. I've told you all I know, just... just let me go!"

"As you wish."

Aldrear's blade had little difficulty cutting through the man's charred flesh.

The flight back to his ship was a distressing one. For years Aldrear had been tracking down the men who had so much to pay for, and with little success. Then recently his luck had changed and he received a name.

The name.

The name of the one responsible. 

But again his search had come to a standstill, for no one knew how to find this man. There was a reason he had been put in charge of the attack that had left Aldrear friend-less, home-less, and help-less. He was a professional.

And you didn't find professionals. They found you.

But Aldrear was far from giving up. In fact, if anything the setback had only made him more determined to continue. and continue he had. But he still had nothing solid. Only clues.

Clues that led to more clues. 

And more clues.

And more clues.

As he came within sight of his ship, The Vengeful Hunter, Alrdrear keyed a few commands through his HUD, which like most other HUDS was controlled by eye movements. When he boarded, he found the ship powered up and ready to go. In the cockpit he plotted a course to Tython and made the jump to lightspeed. 

Aldrear decided to doze during the few hours that he had ahead of him. Some pilots preferred not to in case an emergency arose, but Aldrear was confident in his abilities, and in his line of work, being rested was important.  The tired man made mistakes, so the wise man slept whenever he could. 

He never knew when he'd get his next chance.

Several hours later, Aldrear woke to the beeping sound signifying he was approaching his destination. The stars stretched and Tython zoomed into view as Aldrear came out of lightspeed. He had just a second to notice something was off when the soft chirp turned into the urgent blaring of a warning klaxon.

Hundreds of starships came into view along with the planet, and judging by their formation and their blazing cannons, Aldrear realized he had come upon an invasion. The mismatched ships before him were attacking Tython.!

And they were locking weapons on him.

The End

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