Lortu: Introduction

"It's here somewhere." I mutter to myself as I traverse the dilapidated ruins of Mahara Kesh, the Temple of Healing. "Hassa said it would be." Hassa was a Jedi Seer, and my most profitable guide in my mission.

The Order sent me here to find lost holocrons or recordings to give to the Jedi Archivists so that they can update the archives. I've since been here three years, on and off. It's become almost a second home. The atmosphere of healing and the force, sometimes even I get force visions. And reporting back to the authorities is extremely easy especially with the Jedi Order not far down the road.

But here, in Mahara Kesh, I learn about the Je'daii Order and their lives and what went on. The emergencies and the work, what was required of Jedi Healers here so many years ago.

As I fiddle along the walls I accidentally push one of the panels in and a hidden door slides open. Satisfied at my luck, I walk into the new room that smelt of dust and rust. And there, in the center of the room was a holocron.

The transparent, blue image of a familiar face stands before me. It was Naro, Je'daii Temple Master a Selkath Healer, just like me, but so far away.

"Hello, brother Selkath Jedi, I am Master Naro, what is your name?"

I bow lightly before him, "Jedi Healer Lortu Bassta."

The image smiles, "It is nice to meet you Lortu, have you been told of the exciting events of last week?"

I shake my head, "I'm afraid I haven't, could you tell me please?"

"Well, one of our aspiring healers went swimming in Deep Ocean and while there they found a crystal cave with myriads of amber crystals growing on the walls. He was enchanted by the way it seemed a fire burned within them and pried one off the wall, taking it with him."

"And what did this crystal that he got do?" I ask, genuinely curious.

"That's the amazing thing! Using this crystal to channel his force power of healing he was able to raise a dead man!"

"Raise a dead man?"

"It is true! And so I and other interviewed him, asking him about where he got the crystal. A team of Selkath Healers, including myself, were then led by him to the cave. Entering the cave was amazing and we took three crystals which we named 'Healing Crystals of Fire.' And used them around Mahara Kesh. How wonderful the results were. Our natural force abilities were multiplied by the crystals."

"How amazing." And then Master Naro is absorbed back into the holocron.

"Healing Crystals of Fire. What power, what a help to the Jedi it will be." I muse to myself.

I grab the holocron and put it in a pocket in my robes. I walk out of the ruins onto the edge where the expanse of ocean surrounds Mahara Kesh. Going on a hunch, I dive into the deep and attempt to find the cave Master Naro spoke of.


After hours of searching I finally come across a cave opening that looks promising. I swim in and up into a little alcove that has air in it. As I come up out of the water I see the cave go forward into darkness. I illuminate the darkness by drawing my lightsabers, a green glow lights up the cavern.

I continue on until I see the glint of blues, reds, and ambers along the walls. I look closely at the wall and see crystals similar to the ones described by Master Naro in the holocron. I pry a couple from the wall, one for myself and another for the Jedi Order to study and keep for the Circle of Jedi Healers.


Arising out of the ocean on the mainland I notice a large spaceship in the sky. Curious about its intents I run faster toward the Jedi Council.

The End

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