Styx: Blitzkrieg

An "alien" army besieges the Jedi Enclave of Tython during the Cold War succeeding the First Great Galactic War. The Jedi are outnumbered by the mysterious invaders of unknown allegiance, and the Republic has not been able to provide any support so far. Nevertheless, a handful of heroes rises to repel this baneful threat and prevent the Enclave's fall...

That morning in Tython seemed so calm and serene. The cool breeze brushed against the long pinetrees' branches. The Flesh Raiders had been quiet for weeks. The Twi'lek pilgrims of Kalikori had been working on their primitive duties (such as repairing rudimentary communication arrays and fixing landing beacons) since the first rays of sunlight. The Jedi Enclave stood as the planet's pearl, topping the thick forests with all its majesty. It seemed to be another peaceful day in peaceful Tython.

It seemed.

Out of nowhere, three ominous shadows hovered across the stately Enclave, alerting the Jedi within it. The latter scanned the sources of the former. Two Gage-class transports and a Thranta-class corvette, all unidentified, prepared to land their shuttles close to the recently-built Jedi HQ. The Jedi themselves were greatly distressed: the Enclave's location was supposed to be ultra-confidential. They'd been caught by surprise. It was too late for preemptive measures. To make things worse, the outsiders refused to identify themselves, even when demanded to do so by the High Council.

While the Jedi, who for the most part were concentrated in the Temple, tried to assemble in groups, a dozen of shuttles encircled the Temple. From each shuttle emerged several soldiers and battledroids clad in black with yellow accents. Some soldiers wielded rifles, others held pistols, and a few others carried assault cannons. Some wore scavenged parts of different sets of Republic and Imperial armors alike; others were equipped with impregnable beskar'gam and valuable jetpacks. They all had different sizes and shapes, but they were all the same under their sable and golden armors. They may not know the comrade standing beside him (or her), but they were all united in the same cause as brothers in arms. Devaronians, Mandalorians, Rattataki, Trandoshans, Thyrsians - the same blood ran through their veins as they assumed the formation for their next move.

The peace was gone. The blitzkrieg had begun.


Who are they?

The question echoed through the mind of a subtle scout as he watched the foreign forces's landing. With a tall pinetree as his lookout tower, Styx readily inferred an attack ensue. The outsiders' shuttles cut every way in and out the Jedi Temple. It seemed that a siege had been laid, but Styx knew it would not last long. His vast warfare experience told him this was lightning war: the same kind of onslaught that made the Sacking of Coruscant the most brilliant strategic maneuver of the century.

Styx had seen all he needed. His stalwart frame dashed through the woods, occasionally jumping from tree branch to tree branch. The Kalikori village lay north-east. The imponent Tythos Ridge surrounded the fledgling settlement. Its settlers were, for the most part, Twi'lek pilgrims who had fled the oppression they once lived under. Despite suffering usual attacks from the vicious Flesh Raiders, the small community thrived to flourish; even as the Jedi refused to support them due to Kalikori's illegality.

The bulky scout rushed to his shack, a large tent made up of pelts from uxibeasts and manka cats. It certainly resembled more of a workshop than a home: a big holocommunicator stood in the center, surrounded by a crafting table, a grindstone, a tanning rack, a wooden closet, a weapon rack and a primitive bed. Once Styx stepped in the tent's leather floor, he turned on the massive holocom. The image of an elderly Twi'lek female with calm and trenchant eyes appeared before him.

"Matriarch," Styx said, in a deep and nearly robotic voice, "my fears were true. The intruders will certainly attack the Temple."

"Peace be unto you, Zealot. The Jedi can handle themselves. We have done the same since we have established ourselves in Tython." Her voice was light and soothing. Styx was not convinced.

"I would urge you to reconsider, beloved Matriarch. Would the Jedi fall, we fall with them as well."

"What do you mean, my faithful Darth Styx?"

"We know not to whom these intruders swear allegiance. It could be an Imperial scheme, under the guise of an unidentified army. Imagine the galactic-wide consequences if the Jedi are destroyed."

"True words, Zealot of Kalikori. And what is your suggestion?"

"That I would offer my services to the Jedi in repelling these trespassers."

"I'm afraid I cannot let you do that, bold Zealot. You have the responsibility to defend Kalikori. It is the Jedi Temple they want, not us."

"I shall be defending the future of our people and of this planet - unless you would prefer to be bound by the shackles of invaders again."

The last word compelled the Matriarch to abide after a moment of ponderation. "So be it, Darth Styx. Do as you desire. I'll make sure Kalikori will remain intact if the Jedi accept your support. The Flesh Raiders will rejoice at the news of your departure..."

"Worry not, most wise Matriarch. The Flesh Raiders still shiver when they remember my purple saberstaff slicing through their ranks. They will not be back so soon."

"I believe you, Zealot," replied the Twi'lek woman with ethereal serenity. "Just one advice, noble Styx: you crave for more blood than you can ingest. I pray this attack will not result in your fall."

"Fear not for my life, caring Matriarch, for I would fear my enemy's instead."

"Godspeed, valiant Zealot."

The conversation was over. Now he only had to talk with the Jedi...

The End

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