Star Wars: The Black Hole

This is the story for all manner of unsavory folk in Star Wars. Double agents, smugglers, and others will try to claw their way to the top.

"Renegade, you are cleared to land in bay 73.  Have a nice day."

Jaina Skirata thought to herself, Yeah, a nice day in Mos Eisley.  I didn't know there was such a thing.  She banked her ship towards the indicated landing bay, making a quick pass over it before landing.  Donning her helmet, she lowered the ramp and walked down it. 

At the bottom, she payed her docking fees and set out to find a cantina.  Recently, several of her contacts had dried up, and she needed work.  Soon, she located a suitable establishment.  She walked to the bar and ordered a drink.  Soon, a woman walked in, and after glancing around, walked right to Jaina's table.

"I saw you leaving your ship a few minutes ago.  I am tired of this desert, and I want to go anywhere but here.  I'll pay you 2500 credits to take me away," said the woman. 

Jaina thought about it for a moment, then said, "Anywhere in particular?  2500 credits will only get you so far."

"Well, I want to go to Dantooine.  I heard there's a..." the woman trailed off, but Jaina could tell she wasn't revealing everything.  She remembered a rumor that there was a rebel base in that area.

Jaina acted as though she hadn't heard anything, and replied, "To get you to Dantooine will cost you extra.  3500 credits."  The woman agreed, and they returned to docking bay 73.

The End

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