Stalker in Space

The wings extended and Glory rose smoothly into the air, I plotted my course. It was going to be a long one, but I knew it well.

The path to the unkown regions was arduous, full of collapsed hyperspace lanes, gravity wells and black holes. That was why it was unkown to the Republic, because they didn't see the point in risking their lives for a menial cause. Though difficult it was, I had manouvered through the area many times.

I left the ship on auto-pilot and entered the cargo hold. The girl lay on the floor, curled up, her eyes glossy, her breathing deep.

"Remember this girl, it will serve you well," she looked up at me faintly, "this is the code of the Sith, your future:

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strenngth.
Through Strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The force shall free me."

"Remember this, say it in your head over and over and one day everything will make sense," she ceased to look at me, turned her head a touch and became motionless again. I shut the door, her presence irritated me, but it was necessary.

I took out my hologram communicator and an image of my hooded lord appeared, even in the more advanced, colour hologram he seemed to suck out all the light with blacks and browns. His image flickered, his robes shifting a little. The hood tilted up ever so slightly.

"Your news?" he questioned.

"The problem has been dealt with, we continue to cover our tracks, our plan with the commander shall soon come to fruition once I return to Csilla to begin the interrogation."

"Good," he purred, I could feel his power even through the hologram, "the sun has stood over the forest that is the Republic too long, it is dry, all that is needed is one simple spark, a spark that will ignite and spread so far and so fast that all the Republic know will come falling on top of them in a rain of fire," I felt his gaze as the hood shifted a little more, "you have done well my apprentice, your time of servitude has been long and bountiful. Now I wonder whether you are worthy of leading the Sith to glory as I feel our time is coming."

"I serve only the Sith, master, through victory my chains are broken, the dark side of the force shall free me," I nodded my head towards him. He knew as well as I that our pre-ordained duel was near, that one of us would lead the Sith into the last leg of the plan," I shall report when all is done," I assured him and his hologram dissipated.

I sat on the seat, staring out into space. I felt a tug in my gut, a sensation.

"I sense a disturbance in the force," I reached out with the force, all0wing it to search the area around me. I could feel a certain power. Strong yet with no affinity to the force at all. Some kind of concealment? Surely it could not be the Jedi!

I prepared to take down my stalker.

The End

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