Skirata; Idiots...

Once we were on the freighter, I told them to go and get there things.  I stood at the ramp, and waited for them to come back.  When they did, however, they had blasters.  I was hit twice before I raised my rifle, but since I am wearing armor, I will survive.

I shot one in the chest, and the other in the head.  After moving their corpses to the airlock, I left and went back to the cantina.  I paid off the 1500 credit tab that I had no part in making, returned to my ship, and went back to the apartment that served as the headquarters.  Those drunks call themselves mercenaries, and yet in the 2 weeks I have been here, they were not even approached by someone to give us a job.  I decided to reimburse myself.  I cleaned out the cash box and took all of the weapons, as well as 2 extra sets of armor and a couple of speeder bikes.  Then it was off to Mandalore.

While I was in hyperspace, I took the opportunity to explore the ship.  I stumbled across the smuggling compartments, full of weapons.  One of the boxes was full of blasters that cost 20,000 credits each, and there were 25 of them in the box.  It will take me a long time to sort through all of the weapons, but I am sure I will keep some of them.

By my estimate, there was at least 12.5 million credits in arms stored in the hidden compartments, not to mention another half a million credits in legitimate cargo.  And the ship itself had to be worth 20 million credits.  But I have no need for a freighter, and I am sure that the designers at MandalMotors can make a ship more suited to my line of work.

The End

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