As i went to the meeting place where i usually see my clients, he gave a job. But this one was different compared to the others, he wanted me to actually kill someone. No stealing arms deals or kidnapping people. He wanted me to kill someone, not that its a problem of course. To make matters worse it was a jedi.

He was causing trouble with my client, reasons he was not willing to share, but i was going to get paid so either way, i dont care its money at the end of it. He filled me in with the details
Name: Harrison Fletcher
Race: Human
Occupation: Jedi
Location: Local cantina

This was going to be easy, my ideas of dispatching this one will be easy.

I set off to the local cantina and i looked around, looking at the picture my client provided me with, then i found a match, at the bar drunk out of his mind. I went over to him, hoping he would start a fight with me, i used force conceal ofcourse to make sure he didnt know my power, that way he wouldnt fight me just so plainly.

He looked at me, a drunken look in his eyes and he mutters "What chu' lookin' at" you could smell the alcohol in his voice, i didnt reply he just looked at me, well kind of the alcohol made him look like he was looking at the floor. "You listnin' to me?" he mutters again, the smell of alcohol made me cringe, he saw my look then went to punch me, i counter swiftly knocking him across the room. "Ill get you for that" he murmers, he drew his lightsaber in a pool of ocean blue. Drunken look in his eyes, but yet a killer look, if they were red he would look mentally insane.

He went for me, we clashed, regardless of being drunk he put up a good fight. Doing all sorts of twirls and slashes, i could barely keep up, but eventually the alcohol was on my side and he stumbled. He fell onto the floor and i stabbed him. He lay motionless, dead. I looted his body and took his lightsaber. Not much of a trohpy but it was still a lightsaber, just incase my lightsabers are lost. I also needed proof, so i cut off his head and exited the cantina to my client, upon presenting of the head, he had a smug grin. Giving me my payment and accepting the head we parted ways until next time he wanted anything.

The End

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