New Apprentice

The sword came down a glistening arc of blood red.

"GO AWAY!" the girl shouted, and I was hurled back against the wall. She was sobbing but choked with surprise when she saw what she did. I groaned in pain and extricated myself from the bags and boxes.

"Kriffin girl," I cursed and moved towards her. An idea struck me as I stared down at the youngling that brimmed with the force, "never in my time have I seen one of such power and so young," this was it, this was the force telling me that my time to rule was coming, I had found an apprentice, soon I could destroy Nox and become the Sith Lord. I offered her my hand, she looked at it disdainfully and backed away. I sighed, "fine."

I grabbed her arm and dragged her with me. Backtracking I found my speeder bike. good, it hadn't been stolen yet, and dumped her on it, jumping on after her and kicked it into action, speeding towards the docks.

There were several troops hanging around my Theta-class T-2c shuttle Glory who were talking to the hangar crew. I suppose I hadn't been very careful, or paid the docking fee even though I had a docking permit since Coruscant was a regular landing point for me.

This would recquire much negotiation, "stay in the shadows," I told her, she looked up at me with a where-would-I-go-if-I-didn't look and trundled off into the shadows.

"My apologies gentlemen for causing such an uproar," my naturally low, rumbling voice probably didn't help as I shouted from afar, slowly approaching them, "come, come, I'm sure we can arrange something."

"You left your craft without paying the docking fee," the troopers said, their voice tinny from behind their masks.

"Well, if the crew would look properly," I applied some force to my words, gently pushing their wills, "they will find I did indeed pay my fee but they are upset I left in such a hurry, isn't that right friends," the manager stared at his datapad blankly.

"Oh sorry, my fault, I seem to be mistaken," he said in a monotone voice.

"Let me see that," one of the troopers ordered.

"You don't need to see that," I pushed a little more.

"I don't need to see that, so sorry for the inconvenience, move along."

I beckoned for the child now that I had them under my will and they didn't even notice her as we entered my ship, "welcome to your new life girl, welcome to the way of the Sith."

The End

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