The Witness

The datapad claimed the witness was soon to arrive at this location at which point the Jedi would take them to "safety" within the Jedi Temple.

As I waited, I knelt on the floor and shut my eyes, opening myself to the force, allowing it to guide my mind and offer me visions. There were flashes, incomprehensible to me, images of a child, images of my master. Why are they so broken, so abstract?

I sensed the approach of four people nearing the corner. Then two stopped and the other two followed suit. Then the first two came round and saw me. They were Republic troopers holding blasters, "show us some ID!" one ordered. My lip curled into a snarl and I gripped the first one, slamming him against the wall. The second fired, I drew my lightsaber and allowed the force to deflect the bullet straight back into the trooper burning a whole in his chest. Quietly I returned my saber to my belt and stepped out from the alleyway.

Two children stared at me, one was a ten year old Rodian male, the second was a 7 year old female Chiss with blue skin, black hair and red eyes.

"You!" I could feel the force emenating from the girl, her fragile features looked almost scared but defiant, "what is a child doing with two troopers?" I wondered.

"My home burned down," the Rodian exclaimed, "our parents were in their, but now we cannot find them, please sir, will you help us?"

"Your father, I met him," I remembered the Rodian from the Canitina, "he is a weak, pathetic man-"

"He isn't!" the child pleaded, "we were attacked, by yobs, they asked for all our money, my father did as they asked but they burned down the house anyway!"

"Your father lacked what was necessary to protect himself and his family, he doesn't deserve to live and as his offspring, neither do you," I sneered, the child ran wildly at me. In one sweep of the hand his doll-like body flew into a wall and lay motionless on the floor.

The girl looked at me, terrified, but unlike the boys recklessness, the force allowed her to think, to feel my power.

"You," I said, staring down on her, "how did you survive I wonder?"

"I don't know," she muttered, distraught.

"That matters little," I drew my lightsaber, at that moment she chose to run. I extended my arm to her and she stopped, slowly rising in the air. She fought and struggled but it was futile as her small body drifted towards me, I turned her round, our faces level, "you stand in the way of the Sith, we will swipe aside anyone that stands in our path, therefore you must die," I growled.

I dropped her to the ground and went for the kill.

The End

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