By the time i got back my arm was pretty much back. As i got back to Phaeda i went to my house, wasnt exactly the most fancy house you'll see, best one on the planet either way, the standards of living on this planet aint exactly high.

As i got back i had a message telling me to interfere a deal going down on my planet, the voice sounded different to what i normally hear. But i would have to go none the less.

I went along the rooftops, keeping out of sight to the locals. Dont want too much attention as it will all just mess things up. I got to the meeting place, looking down from a rooftop, 4 people walked in from one side. One of them looked like a Twi'Lek the others were just normal humans. I waited for the other side to show up. They didnt. 'There must be something going on' i thought to myself. Minutes went by, nothing. So i decided to see what the hell they were doing down there. But i wasnt just going to jump down, i was going to act secretive. I went onto the streets and put my hood up to conceal my face, and then walked into the alleyway. I used force concealment to hide my alignment from them, should they be jedi.

As i was walking through, they noticed someone walking down and drew their lightsabers. Jedi...
I noticed a familiar face, it was Lapa, the Twi'Lek twin that survived, looks like she wants revenge. But they still didnt know it was the one they were after, so i carried on walking through, until i got to the back 2, then i got out my lightsabers and killed the back 2. Lapa was the first to interfere, at first she was startled to see my arm back so sudden, but nothing held her back, she was also dual wielding lightsabers this time. She was using her sisters, hoping to kill me in her honour, i hate to dissapoint but that isnt happening. The other jedi was the first to get at me, he was easy work, i force pushed him into a building and he didnt move. Me and Lapa was just fighting for quite a while, just striking parrying, the odd hit on the edge of the arm or something along those lines, no serious wounds.

The other jedi got up, shortly afterwards, so i had to be careful now, im out gunned and out manned, but that didnt stop me before. Lapa had my attention whilst the other jedi attempted to kill me, but i kicked Lapa off and as the jedi went to kill me, he missed then i stabbed him in the stomach. I watched his final breathe, then threw him.

Lapa was on her own, and she realised that, but this time for rage over powered her knowledge and she didnt run away. She threw her lightsaber, i had a plan. I made the lightsaber cut of my arm, again, and as she walked over to kill me, i killed her. Stabbed her directly into her stomach, i grabbed her by the head, and then stabbed her again. i took both lightsabers from her, and threw her body beside. These lightsabers will make great trophies.

The End

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