Contact with the Jedi

I could sense the Jedi, she was close by in the back streets of Coruscant. The force was not particularly strong with her, but she was still a Jedi.

Moving within the darkness, I soon came across a figure slowly walking. What was she doing, it seemed as if she was waiting for someone.

I stepped lightly, barely audible whilst masking my presence from her. I needed to find out what she was doing.

I came closer and closer until I was almost directly behind her.

She turned her head to the side and spoke, "the force is strong with you, Sith," she turned fully then and drew her lightsaber, igniting it into a vibrant blue. I drew my own, igniting just one side, "why not use both," she wondered.

"I fight with honour Jedi," I growled and lashed out, adhering to the form of Ataru. slash, feint, thrust. She deflected the blows barely, ducking the thrust at which point I kicked her stomach, sending her across the street. I leapt after her, bringing my saber down in a killing blow but she rolled aside and pushed me onto a dumpster. She waited, slightly crouched. I swung round my blade, ending above my head pointing at her. Then I pounced, slicing with expert precision left and right, overhead, left again. I jumped above her spun and hacked, spinning and slicing again, my agility serving me well.

She had trouble keeping up with me, I caught her shoulder and arm a couple of times making her weaker and weaker. I struck with a powerful overhead, making her knees buckle and rolled around her with a sweeping attack  slicing her leg then pushed her.

With that I bounded onto a long thin pipe connecting two buildings, the force steadying me, and waited patiently as she looked up.

She readied herself, then jumped towards me, summersaulting in the air. I ducked and sliced her foot making her spin over me, out of control. I extended my arm towards her, my hand a claw, which left her suspended in mid air as she clutched her neck.

"Tell me about the witness!"  I commanded.

"I will never tell you anything," she spat, succumbing to her fate as her face turned purple.

"No, you wont," I shut off my lightsaber and placed it on my belt then with that hand, I pointed it at her pocket. Sure enough it twitched, opened. A small electronic datapad floated in the air between us and landed in my waiting grasp. I pocketed it and stared at her. Her dying body moved closer to me, "your time is over Jedi, the Sith shall crush your precious Republic and all it's false promises and a new order will take shape!"

"Look at you," she gasped, her voice hoarse, "look at what you have become, the hate and anger that drives you will consume you, blind you, you think your master will keep you around when he has no further use of you-?"


"Don't you think they will notice I am gone, the damage you have caused with your lightsaber?"

"There will be no body for them to find," I retorted. With that I opened myself to the force, pinpointing it onto my arm, allowing the dark side to gather energy. I felt the muscles in my hand tense, I allowed the anger and pain to strengthen the force. Eventually, I released a nova of energy that vaporised the Jedi. I dropped to the floor, knelt there for a moment as pain shot up and down my arm. I rejected the pain, pain is for the weak and I am not.

I took out the pad and switched it on.

"Time to finish this."

The End

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