Twi'Lek Twins

The explosives deal was taking place down at the back of an old abandoned warehouse down at the old quarter of mos eisley.
I took to the rooftops as it was night, my cloak hid me in the shadows as if a shadow itself. I got by the specified area and waited for the deal to take place.

Atleast 10-15 men armed with laser rifles came down the alleyway with wheelbarrows, with cloths over them to hide the fact they were explosives. Then out of the shadows came two women, Twi'Leks, Twins...
"Jedi!" shouted the lead man.
"Surrender the explosives and we let you go" said one of the sisters.
"Over our dead bodies" he replied
"Take that as an offer" I said as I jumped down, took out my lightsabers and cut off his head, the others just seemed intimidated and ran away. I turned my attention to Kapa Lasil and Lapa Kasil, Twi'Lek names seemed to be almost identical for twins. They got out their lightsabers, green and blue. "So be it"

We charged at each other, clashed, Kapa backflipped off, and Lapa pushed me off, Kapa came back going for my head. I knock her onto the floor and go to kill her, but Lapa interfeared. I force pushed her into a wall, and choked Kapa. Lapa was quick to get up and she threw her lightsaber, i dodge it and throw her sister back at her. They both go for me again, we clash again, but this time Lapa backflipped off, into the shadows, she didnt have her lightsaber out so i didnt know where she went. I fought Kapa, until she got rather tired, and needed to stop, she dropped to her knees. I didnt fall for it, but they still got lucky, Lapa came out of the shadows and cut off my arm. Then Kapa threw her lightsaber at me, i caught it, and threw it back, and it impaled right through her chest. Lapa fell to her sisters defeat, she caught Kapa's body, took her lightsaber and ran off with the body, and i doubt that she will be coming back.

I went back to the explosives and called in for transport, my job here on this planet is done. I returned home for my next job, whatever that may be...

The End

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