Anami: The Beginning

It was on my home of Phaeda, where i was trained as a youngster in the ways of the force, anything to get me off this planet, wouldnt be long before i was going to be made a slave anyway. It was many years till the present, i was a successful, but i wanted power, i wanted fame and money. Helping those who cant help themselves, whats the point? At that point i decided to work alone, my master did not appreciate this but he didnt do anything to stop me. The jedi were contiuously hunting me down, regardless of the fact my master had taught me force concealment.

I learned to dual wield lightsabers, i thought it would be a better defence to have two of them. I may be an Abyssin but that doesnt mean i cant run fast or jump high. The force is within me and i can run faster than the fastest men, regardless of being twice their size. Not only that but i have regenerating abilities, you cut off my arm, oh look a new one. It is because of tribal reasons, because my planet doesnt have much water, our bodies adapted to it, making sure we didnt lose vital fluids through blood loss. So our limbs regenerate incredibly quickly.

Usually i was just sent to the cantina to listen in to some talks, such as this weapons smuggling deal going on, i was sent to listen out find out where it was, then kill everyone and get the weapons for myself. I am normally successful and my supply of weapons is continuously growing, should i lose my lightsabers i could just use a blaster. Not only that, but i have been doing some mercenary work aswell. Anyone wanting anybody killed but cant find any bounty hunters normally come across me. Also arms dealing too, i get half the take, and i get to keep some of the weapons myself.

I am currently in Mos Eisley cantina, listening in for a deal in explosives, this is going to be way too easy...

The End

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