Star Wars New Age

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away

The thousand years of peace in the new galaxy has come to an end as the 3rd New Galactic Republic settles into an unrest. Planets within the Outer Rim grow weary, believing the Republic has abandoned them. The Jedi become complacent.

As the Republicans slowly draw near to a civil war spurred on by the infiltration of Sith into this new world, the major Sith army get ready to launch their first salvo.

Past the outer rim, in the unchartered regions, the Sith have waited for a millenia, building a new army ready to seize the republic and recreate their glorious Empire.

Join the fight, be Sith or Jedi, Mandalorian or Smuggler, Agent or Trooper and lead your side to glory.

The End

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