Savitri: Transit Contact

Though part of my job, I was never a fan of heavy travel.  I like a change in scenery and being with different people, but the relative nothingness between A and B always irks me.

Thankfully sometimes things come up to shock a little life into the trip.

I'd met up with Trarch, who had our ride all fired up and ready to take off even before the hatch completely closed.  He's known me long enough to know that I don't like waiting around when it's not necessary.

And scoping out a Jedi assignment did not recommend wait time.

As much as I distrusted Jedi, I desperately needed the commission.  Even the price I'd convinced the master was piddly was double my entire savings at the time.  I had to make the best of the situation, I had to tell him the price was too low for the job he was requesting; besides, that Jedi knew full well his first price was far too low.  I've never been one to let myself be cheated, and I wasn't going to let desperation and a title get the better of me.

"Out to Mandalor, Trivisah?" Trarch asked, already knowing the answer, but he always asked as a formality.  I only grunted in response.

About halfway betwixt we received a transmission.

"It's the scout, sir."

"Patch'm through."

The holograph of the scout fuzzed into snowy focus.  It wasn't exactly high definition, but I could see he was much worse for wear.

"How's she look?" I asked.  All I got was a head shake.  "That bad?"

"That zarkin' jedzumaj better be givin' you a good price, Savitri, the girl's fiery.  Her friend's no help, either."

"Friend?"  This was news.  Interesting news.

"Not a Jedi, but damn near could be.  I know Mandos are crazy like that anyway, but this guy's practically a replica of her."

"Maybe they're brother and sister?" Trarch offered.

"S'not out of the question."  I shrugged, turning back to the hologram.  "So I'm guessing there was a fight?"

"To put it gently, yes."

"Did she split?"

"Yep, though I'm pretty sure she didn't get far."

"Y'know, I've known folks who've underestimated Jedi like that.  Same general thing happened to all of them, s'matter'a fact."  He looked less than thrilled to ask what that thing was.  I just looked to Trarch for the answer, who drew a quick line across his throat and made a zark-awful noise.  Trarch knew his part all too well.

He gave me the necessary information to attempt to start tracking her down, and thankfully soon after Trarch brought the ship down on Mandalor's surface.

"Before we head out," I interjected before he opened the hatch.  "See if you can't figure how to get in touch with the Council, let them know I accept their commission, and see if you can't remind them that they better make this worth my while."

I didn't need the Jedi's word to let me know it would be worth every speck of pay, and then some.  You don't get commissions to go after a Dalor Jedi every day, making things interesting enough.  But something was telling me that this would be most interesting indeed.

The End

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