Lemar Migran: In a Dark Corner

I wore a different cloak so she wouldn't immediately recognize me. Although I still had the presence of a Jedi Knight, my slight disguise was enough to fool the casual observer, which by itself wouldn't have fooled Mirdala. 

In an attempt to fool her, the rest of my disguise was in my manners. I held my face down, the hood shadowing my features. I spoke to no one, staying in dark corners. I knew that this wouldn't completely fool her, but I was banking on the fact that she would be distracted.

I had walked into the cantina after Mirdala and her Mando friend had sat down. My disguise seemed to work, for no one observed me as I walked to a dark corner of the room. I knew the bounty hunter was right behind me, and I wanted to be in place before he arrived.

A sleep gas grenade was used to knock out the entire room. I was almost out myself. With deep concentration, though, I was able to counteract the agent. Hopefully the Sith will not choose now to come out of hiding, I thought, for now I am weaker than I was a few mintues ago.

"Mirdala Skirata... I'm here to collect a bounty."

I stayed in my corner even after the bounty hunter spoke. I wanted to see how this would play out. My orders were to interfere only if it was absolutely necessary.

"It's two against one, fella," Mirdala said, her voice calm and even. The bounty hunter reached for his blaster at his side, but by the time that he had it pointing at Mirdala, two blasters were pointing back at him from the table.

"I was told you would be a fast draw," the bounty hunter spoke again. "Good." He acted as if to spit. "Didn't want it to be easy."

"So, what is the next step in our little dance?" Mirdala asked after a few moments of silence. After the bounty hunter didn't respond, Mirdala tried a little logic. "Even if you succeed in shooting me, my friend here will take you down."

She looked over at her friend for confirmation, and he nodded back. Faster than he had the first time, the bounty hunter drew another blaster from his opposite side.

"I will shoot both of you at the same time."

Part of me wanted to see how this would play out, but I needed Mirdala alive. I didn't want to take a chance that the bounty hunter was a hair length faster than the two Mandorians, so using the force, I threw a glass from a nearby table at the bounty hunter, hitting him squarely on his left temple.

A blaster shot went wild, hitting the ceiling. Everyone else in the room was out cold, so there was no reaction from the crowd. Everyone else that was still awake were professionals - in some fashion or another.

The only thing that didn't blow my cover was the fact that the three others in the room were busy at the moment. I slipped out of the cantina while they struggled with one another. I stood at the entrance watching the action, ready to jump in if the bounty hunter began to get the upper hand.

I had no doubt that Mirdala would know it was me (or at least some other Jedi) that had helped her. It didn't matter, though. Eventually, she or I would have to approach the other. The survival of the Jedi council depended on it.

The End

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