SuKram: Circle of Defense

I struck down many of the droids; as the battle continued, my speed increased a little, for the droids were coming ever faster and faster. No, it wasn't a matter of speed but sheer numbers. There were more droids than we could handle. The Jedi truly didn't know what to expect. What else could happen that we had not antiscipated?

The surviving Jedi -- few in number -- were forced to the middle of the arena. A few more fell to the ground as the barrage of blasters continued to come. Then, as sudden as it had started, the battle paused, all the droids ceasing their firing, dropping their arms (and blasters) to their sides.

Master Tay'lon turned off his lightsabers. I marveled at his ability to control so much at one time. I am in touch with the force to a great deal as well, but two lightsabers is difficult enough; four or more would be unheard of in my mind.

Master Tay'lon did look worn out, though, so I guess he took his abilities to the extreme. It was humbling in an affectionate sort of way. As a padawan, I thought Master Tay'lon was invincible. Even as a knight, I knew this wasn't the case, but I thought it would take a great deal to bring him down.

An army full of battle droids didn't bring him down, but how much more could he have absorbed? How much more could any of us have withstood? I didn't feel like my life was in danger, but I wasn't trying to take five droids down at once.

I glanced around at the group. I couldn't see everyone, for we had formed a circle of defence. To my right I saw a young jedi who was near knighthood, and to my left on the other side of Master Tay'lon, I saw Master Windu. Of anyone who would survive, I knew that he would.

The End

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