Tay'lon; Advanced Telekinesis

Some of the less experienced Jedi were taking their time, attacking only single targets.  As I closed my eyes, I began to feel and not think.  That is really the secret to using a lightsaber.  Thinking slows reactions, and gets you shot or an arm cut off.

As I spun through the ranks of the droids, slashing them apart, I picked up the lightsabers of my fallen brothers and sisters.  I soon had six lightsabers, including my own.  Using a single lightsaber is not the easiest thing to do, let alone my normal two.  Controlling another four with my mind, not only attacking but also defending, is nearly impossible.

I felt the presence of the other Jedi gathering in the middle of the arena.  I began moving my way there.  Once I was in the circle, I deactivated all of the lightsabers.  I have nearly exhausted myself with this difficult use of telekinesis.

Many Jedi have fallen.  I do not know if we will survive this battle.

The End

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