SuKram: Droids!

Surely there had been enough Jedi dispatched to the planet Geonosis. That was what I thought, anyway. When we got there, reality had another lesson for us.

I drew my lightsaber after I saw Master Tay'lon do so. I gripped it tightly at first, but once I noticed the tension in my hands, I loosened my grip. I closed my eyes and took a few practice swings. When I opened my eyes again, I was ready.

It was a good thing, too, for many blaster shots started going off. Where they were coming from, though was a complete surprise. Battle droids began coming into the arena with us.

A blaster was shot in my direction. I easily redirected it, sending it into the droid standing next to the one who had just tried to shoot me. The droid looked at his fallen comrade, making an unhuman noise of surprise. By the time he looked back up, I was on top of him, my lightsaber slicing his head off. He made one final noise of surprise before going silent, sparks shooting from his severed neck.

I looked around to select my next target.

The End

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