Kendra Saar ~ Jedi Apprentice

"...dark days ahead, I am sure." I heard one of the masters say as we gathered. Master Tay'lon I believed.

My hand rested on the lightsaber at my hip. I could sense the tension in the air. The rumors of war, and now Master Kenobi's disappearance, had all the young knights unsettled. We had never before had to deal with an actual situation. But after all, the training was by no means for naught.

We had a purpose, and our chance to be useful for keeping the peace of the galaxy was now at hand. I knew it. I could sense the future. However much that the future was still in motion, I could feel the certainty of the darkness that loomed ahead. My talent, master Yoda had said.

But as I climbed aboard the ship with the other Jedi, it didn't make me feel any easier to know what was going to happen. Because whatever it was, it was still going to happen. And that only made me afraid.

"Calm yourself, Ken," I heard my newly-knighted friend Jess say. "I can sense your anxiety."

"You speak as the masters," I teased her. But I tried to take her advice. Calm, girl... fear not because the future is in motion. Perhaps you can change it... I hope. Or we shall all perish this day.

The End

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