SuKram - Dark Days Ahead

I think about Master Tay'lon's words the rest of the day. As we prepare to leave the planet, I try very hard to focus my inner being, calm my spirit.

I have trained extensively and practiced the art of the saber for countless hours. I do not believe that there is much more I could have done in that way.

I worry about the upcoming battle all the same. A peaceful universe does not give the Jedi many opportunities to risk their lives. This is probably the first opportunity in my lifetime.

I say as much to Master Tay'lon later that day as we gather with other Jedi at the launch site of our transport.

"That is a good thing," Master Tay'lon replies. "I do not believe any of the Jedi want war."

"Who says anything about war?" I ask, perplexed at his reference.

Tay'lon closes his eyes, breathing slowly. Then, he says with his eyes still closed, "I fear this battle is just the beginning. There are dark days ahead, I am sure."

The End

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