Stapled to the Back of My MindMature

The theme here is how the narrator copes with the break-up. Feel free to add your own character for the next chapter, they're meant to be separate entities. No need to ask permission, just write and post!

I'm a failure sitting lonely on the bar at Thirty-First,

Pretending to myself the next one's just to quench my thirst,

'Cause I might as well be drinking my own blood.


Three broken pencils and an empty fountain pen,

bleeding out the words 'I just don't know where to begin"

'I know that I've been wronged, but I might be the one to blame.'


Drowning out my thoughts in shitty gin and empty rants,

'Till I can't tell whether piss or liquor's dripping down my pants,

But no matter how dead drunk I am,

It's you I'll always find:

Stapled to the back of my mind.

The End

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