Standing Up for the Stay-At-Home Father

My brief thoughts on the issues of modern-day sexism and gender roles.

I've been having the issue of sexism shoved in my face from all angles as of late and have decided that the universe is telling me to speak out. There was an article that I read recently quoting a man who believes that single, working mothers have become the downfall of society. This, for blatantly obvious reasons, really pissed me off having been raised by one and, as a man, I was deeply offended that there are still others out there who believe this sort of crap. However, upon further reading this article, I realized that perhaps a deeper issue that the quoted man touched upon was that men in general should, as a whole, step up and be better providers for their families (then again, I'm an annoyingly boundless optimist sometimes). This, I can respect to some degree but, in reality, there are just as many women who walk out on their families as there are men. Regardless, I believe that if we are going to progress together as an equal society, that there should be no stigmas or preconceived notions against fathers and husbands whose wives are the ones bringing home the bacon. As sexist as men are against women, men are also dealing with their own form of bigotry in every day life. To the fathers who are staying at home with their children while their wives are at work I say this: Hell yes! There is something to be said about a man who can get past his pride for the sake of his family, and you are exemplary human beings who should be proud of your contributions to society and to your household. For the men and women who think otherwise, I say this: There is more to a man than his testicles, and true pride comes straight from the heart, and nowhere else. If we truly believe in a free-thinking and equal world then being a man should mean more than just being the financial provider for your family, just like being a woman should mean more than getting pregnant, cooking, and cleaning house. We are human beings, and that means being more than our genitalia. The end.

The End

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