Riley- My MotherMature

Jackson remained me of my Mother. The way he was built, athletic. Mommy was built like. That brown hair, Mom had it. She had lots of it. Long locks. The way he talked, diffent every second, she was like that.

My Mother died when I was eleven, on my birthday. I always felt blamed for it. She was in a car wreck on her way to pick up the dress I just had to have… I think if I didn’t have to have that dress Julian had told me he loved, I wouldn’t have feeling in love with the dress, Mommy would never had gone all the way to town to get it. And my Mother would still be here.

“But MOM! I just have to have it!” I yelled at the top of the stairs, on my eleventh birthday, deeding I have that pink and black dress I had loved.

“RI, just be happy you have a dress.” Mommy mumbled, looking in her purse for the keys. “There are some kids who have nothing to where. Now do some pull ups or something, while I go pick up your cake.” I rolled my eyes and went into my family home gym. Doing pull ups in a dress was not a new thing for me.

By the time I had done fifth teen, Julian was watching and second counting. His long black hair, straight for occasion of my birthday, coved his befutul green eyes. He was in love with me then, I was sure I was going to marry him. I was even going by his last name. Mrs. Riley Marie Austins. How lovely.

“Hey,” He said, walking over to my pull up bar.

“Hi,” I managed after twenty. I dropped to the ground, landing like a cat.

He hugged me tightly. He was taller then me. Of course, even at that age I was tiny. I hugged him back.

“Happy Birthday.” He said smiling.

“Thanks.” I walked out of the gym, down the hallway and into my bed room. I walked over to the mirror and fixed my curls.

We talked for a while, and random crap. Till we herded shouting, and crying.

I was running down the hall to my Fathers study. My Father stood here, hands on the table, bawling. My Grandma stood there, crying. My Aunt crying. Juliennes mom, crying. She grabbed her son, and led him into the hall.

“Riley, go to your room, sweetheart.” She said to me. “The party is canceled.” She said in between tears. I nodded, and returned to my room. I hared Julian’s Mother whispered something to her son.

I sat on the floor of my room confused for hours. Julian never returned. Not till his Mother came to talk to me.

“Riley, threes have been an accident.” She said taking her pale hands into mine.

“What?” I asked, my voice shakily.

“Your Mother..” she begin to cry. “Is dead.” I gasp and tears filled my eyes.

“This is a sick joke, Marie!” I said crying.

“It’s not.” She told me how my Mother had gone to get the dress I wanted, and had gotten hit by a truck. She was dead.

And I cried.

At the funnel I though myself on the castake. Juliennes brothers, who where sixteen at the time, had to pick me off and cry me, kicking and screaming for my Mommy. They kept me in the church’s children’s room for the whole service, think toys would make me happy. Those bastards.

Thinking about my Mother made me think of Julian. And where he lived. And where I could go..

"I’m going to Julian. I’m going to call Julian.” I said. And run up the stairs.

The End

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