Riley-We meet againMature

I listen as the phone in my room rang. I begin to count the rings, hoping Mrs. Willams would hang up. Nope.

“Hello?” I said into the phone.

“Riley, dear, there is a young men here to see you.” She said warmly.

“Tell him to go f-, oh never mind I’ll be done in a second.” I hang up the phone, and grabbed my purse. I looked at myself in the mirror, and debited on changing my pants cause they were to short.

I rolled my eyes and walked down the stairs. Jackson sat on the couch, looking very pissed that he had to come and get me. Tehe, I like making people pissed.

“What, Jackson?” I said coolly. I turned away from him and looked at Mrs. Willams. “Can we have a minute?” I asked. She nodded and went upstairs to clean rooms.

“Riley, why?” He said. “Why did you levee me, why did you stay here, why do those shorts barley cover you butt?” I smiled at the last question.

“Well, they barley cover my butt because I like them that short. Now, we did I leave you at the bal? You saw my tattoo. Jackson, that’s bad.” I said. He stood up, and took my right wrist in his hand. He studied the little tattoo. Than it hit him.

“No. NO NO NO! Riley, why? Why?” He dropped my wrist. I took a deep breath.

“Why am I Rebelling? Why have I laid most of my life? Jackson, I don’t agree. Yeah, I act like I’m the face of a new world order, Hell, I propbley am. Do you think I like it? Hell no! It’s stupid! Why can’t we all live together in peace, Jackson, I’m sorry.” I said it all in one breath, while Jackson just stared at me.

“Riley, why did you say you loved me?” He asked quietly.

“Because I guess I do love you, Barker.” I looked down.

“When did you discover that?” He said. I felt him staring into my ponytail.

“I guess when I ran away from the ball.” I looked back up. “I’m not going back.”

“Why? Your Dad is worried sick.”

“Well, he is propbley going to want to know WHY I left; I’ll have to tell him. And I’ll end up in a convent.” He laughed and put his arm around me.

“Well, it’s seems you are married. I don’t believe you can be in a convent if you’re married.” I laughed a bit. “So, when did we get married, and why am I dead?” I smiled and giggled.

“Well, you fell off an elephant in India. And your family hates me, so I moved to Boston to start over. Make sense?”

“Yeah, it does. I just don’t get why you left you could have told me why.’’

“Yeah, well, I didn’t want to.”

The End

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