Riley- A new meMature

I ran into the school garage, where my father kept ‘My’ black SUV. I opened up the hood and easily hotwired the car. I got in and drove off.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn me to the pits of hell.” I grabbed my phone and dialed Polly’s number. She wasn’t going to answer, it was near midnight.

“Hey, Pol. Listen. Something happened, someone saw. A kid name Jackson Barker. I think I may be in love with the kid. Anyway, he saw my tat. I don’t know if he saw my number, God I hope not. So I ran out and packed my stuff. Right now, I’m in my hotwired Black SUV and a ripped ball gown. God I look sluttly. Any way, If you don’t here from me in a month. I’m dead.” I ended by giving her Jackson’s number, hoping if I died, she would have the sense to tell him.

I was going past 100 Hurned miles per hour, a good speed to kill myself. That’s what I wanted. I wanted to die. I was driving down a winding road, the school long out of my view. Sooner or later, Jackson would show my Dad. Daddy will freak, propbley think I was kidnap and being raped. God, I would trade this for that.

I pushed the stereo button, and flipped to a station that played pop music. I listened as rappers complied of they drug filled life’s. Drugies. They have the good life.

I looked down, and realized I was driving barefoot. And my dress was ripped. Great. Well, time to think of a story.

Then it hit me. Change my last name to Barker. I could saw I was newly married. Jackson and I had gone to India for our honeymoon. I was dieing to ride one of those elephants, and Jackson argged. We were having such a fun time when Jackson leaned over and fall down onto the ground, He died innately.

I smiled to myself. I know I could play it off. I could even looked the part. My black dress was not a ball gown, so it could be my mourning clothes.

I pulled over to a small B&B and went inside, my bag on my shoulder.

“Hello, Miss, I’m Riley Marie Barker and I’d like a room.”

The End

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