Jackson - Little NoteMature

My nose was bleeding hard. It turned out Riley was serious when she said she was a black belt karate master. I tugged hard on the crisp white sleeve of my shirt, and bunch the starched materials up to my bloodied nose. I still didn’t get it. What did I do wrong?

She had reacted violently when I took the corsage of her wrist. Perhaps I had let my fingers lingered a moment too long on her pearly skin, but I was really curious as to what that tattoo could be. What did AWD stand for anyway? I swear, I’ve seen it somewhere before. Maybe in one of those thick books that Mum send me every Christmas. But where was I? Oh, Riley.

She wrenched her wrist from my grasp when tore the corsage off my other hand. Pressing the tattered bunch of roses to her wrist as though she was bleeding, Riley leapt out of her chair and began her plight across the Grand Hall. I was rooted in my spot, still trying to understand what just happened. By then everyone were watching. I felt a millions daggers shooting out of the angry gazes of people around me. Clearly they thought I did something horrible to make her leave so.

“Wow. What did you do to poor Riley, Jackson?” Ryan asked.

I stood up slowly, shaking my head in Ryan’s direction.I didn’t do anything! Did I?He was about to say something else, but by then I had gathered my wits enough to leave the Graduate’s Ball. And go after Riley.

It wasn’t hard to follow Riley. Littered along the hallway outside the Great Hall were bits and pieces of Riley’s outfit. I followed her discarded heels, turned the corner to find the roses from her corsage bruised and scattered along the floor, and finally down the stairs to the second floor where most of her lacy skirt had been torn off by a protruding iron railing. I could see her rushing towards her room then, her hair falling out from its pins.

“Riley!” I yelled, sprinting towards her door.

She slammed the door just before I got there. I pounded my fist on her oak door, pleading all the while for her to talk to me. I could hear her crying and yelling incomprehensible words. I pounded the door harder.

“Riley! Open up! I’m sorry for whatever I did, ok?” I begged her.

She was walking over to the door, her footsteps becoming louder.Yes! She’s coming! I prepared myself to be let into her room. I prepared my little apology, where I would sit by her with my arms around her. It turned out I didn’t need to plan that far. All she did was gave the door a swift kick, and I learnt the hard way that it was possible to get a bloody nose from being kicked behind the door.

I slid down to the ground, my hand pinching my bleeding nose. All the while I could hear rustling in her room, as though she was rummaging through all her stuff. I decided to wait. Perhaps she’ll come out when she’s less angry.

An hour and a half later, I decided to break down her door. The eerie quiet coming from her room was scaring me. I took off in a sprint from the opposite side of the hallway, and kicked the door hard. It didn’t even budge, and my foot was burning like hell. I tried the handle. The door swung open to reveal an empty room. I hobbled in to find a folded up piece of paper.

She loved me! But what is with the running away?

The End

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