I was actually having a good time. Till than. I had forgotten the tiny tattoo I had gotten a year ago. It was the zymology letting people know I was on the AWD side. Tats why I always covered it. Till than.

Panic filled my body, my mind, my should. I knocked down the chair and begin to run up the stairs. I was fast, I always had been. By the time I returned to my room, I lost most of the bottom of my gown and the conseger. A few bobby pins..

I locked my door and fell on the ground. Sobbing.

“What the Hell is wrong with me?” I yelled loudly. I ripped out my hair down and jumped onto my bed. “I got to get I plan.” The only thing I knew was to go to Base, and stay with Polly. But she’d be mad I’d let somebody see.

I was laying on my pillow sobbing. I was scared. Jackson was going to tell my Dad. Daddy was going to come and see my tattoo. He was going to flip. And I was some how going to end up in a convert. Great. Just freckling great.

There was a pounding on my door. I walked over, still in my gown, and kicked it. Right where a face should be. I went back to my crying. The pounding stopped and it sounded likes somebody sat down. I rolled my eyes. And it hit me. Ran away. Go somewhere. Not to the base. Somewhere you’ll get killed easy. The front lines.

I got out of my bed and Grabbed my biggest bag. I threw a mixture of jeans, short shorts, Tanks, T-shirts and sweat shirts. And a pair of my favorite jimmies. I grabbed my wallet and The piggy bank I’ve had since I was five. I also grabbed my phone charger and Ipod.

I sighed and wrote a note.

To whom it may concern,

Mind you own damn businesses bastards J . I’m running away. I don’t know where, or how. But I’ve got what I need. Don’t look for me cause I may or may not be in Canada. Just staying.

Daddy, Tell Jackson I love him and I’m sorry.

Love you all,

Riley Marie Jones.

I left the note on my bed and unlocked the door. I had opend the window areready, so it was ready for me to jump. I took one last look and lept into the night.

The End

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