Jackson - TattooMature

It felt like walking in a dream. Riley was dancing with me, and we were actually joking rather than bickering. She was a real good dancer, gliding gracefully on her feet. Which was a good thing, since I was horrible at dancing.

“Ouch! Jackson, that’s the fifth time now!” Riley whispered loudly, breaking the magic of the slow dance.

“Sorry! Are you ok?” I apologized, my feet going in random directions. I was flustered, and I can’t walk straight when I’m flustered, let alone dance.

“I’m fine. What’s a little bruised toe to a black belt karate master?” she smiled.

The song faded to a stop, and we stopped swaying. She took her arms off my shoulders, and reluctantly I let go of her waist. We made our way out of the dance floor, heading towards the refreshment tables. Eyes turned our way as Riley lead me through the crowd. She looked stunning in her black gown. I couldn’t help but grinned at the boys who were eyeing Riley up. She’s mine, suckers!

“Jackson!” said the voice of Riley.

“What?” I asked, trying to stop staring at her lush red lips.

“What’s with you? I’ve asked you three times now. Do you want punch or soft drink?” Riley said, her voice hinted at annoyance.

“Whatever you have, Riley,” I replied, and went back to staring at her.

She passed me two Cokes, and we walked back to our table. Ryan and Katie were already there, flirting and laughing like two silly love birds.

“Don’t mind us, continue with your business,” I said, winking at both of them.

We took the two outermost seats, just to give Ryan and Katie a little privacy. The entree was already on the table, and I served Riley and myself.

“Do you want caviar, or just plain egg and chips?” I asked her, another excuse for me to turn and look at her lovely face.

“Caviar please,” she said, her cheeks still flushed after the dances.

I set down the two plates, and sat down to loosen my tie. I wasn’t used to wearing such formal clothes. I could hear Riley trying to take off her corsage next to me. I guess it wasn’t the most comfortable thing to have a little bouquet of roses tied to your wrist.

“Want some help?” I asked, expecting a no.

“God yes! This stupid knot is not coming out,” replied Riley, to my surprise. She wasn’t the type to accept assistance from anyone.

I turned in my chair to help her undo the knot on the corsage. My fingers were as clumsy as my dancing feet, but eventually I managed to undo the corsage. That was when I saw it. On her wrist was a little tattoo of a bird surrounded with the letters “AWD”.

The End

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