Riley-A night begins.Mature

When Jackson and I arrived at the ball, I was in awe. The sight of all those people, all in my class. All my enemies. I had the sudden earge to drop down and my gun and the teaser in-between my boobs.

I smiled as made our way down the staircase, forcing me to grab the bottom of my gown. I was happy to see I’m not over dressed. Everybody was happy, dancing, talking and eating. But there was a bit of accoudners that hung over all of us.

“Umm..” I said biting my lip. “What do you want to do?” I asked Jackson. We stood at the bottom of the stairs, my dress hanging behind me.

“Don’t look know, but here comes my friend Ryan. Act normal.” He said into my ear. “And laugh like I told you something funny.” I giggled out loud, and hit him. I enjoyed hitting him.

The boy named Ryan walked over to us, a tall redhead in tow. She was smiling at me. I smiled back.

“Hey, Barker! I was wondering where you want. Hi Riley.” He said to me. I nodded.

“Hi Ryan, Hi Katie.” He said to the Redhead.

“Hello, I’m Riley.” I said to the redhead. I shock her hand.

“Hi, Riley! I’m Katie! Gessh, you have always been tutored, it must be so weird meeting all these people in two weeks.” She said warmly.

“It is. I felt so. Unwelcome. No offense to anybody.” I looked to the others.

“Really why?” Katie asked.

“Everyone had there group of friends…Oh hi!” A dorky kid had come up to me and smiled.

“Hi, Riley will you dance with me?” The kid asked. I laughed a bit and smiled.

“Um..I’m guess so.” I turned around and saw Jackson. He had dumbfound look on his face. I felt bad.

The Kid lead me out onto the dance floor.

“So Riley, Um.” Snort.” You have a boyfriend?” Snort.

“Umm…yes and no.”

“Really how?” Snort. I think I was going to call this kid snorty.

“Um..I’m don’t have one. And I don’t really want one.” The song ended. So, I walked back to Jackson.

“So, is that kid your boyfriend now?” He asked jokily.

“Who, Snorty? Hell no! He was hitting on me, and asked me out. But I turned him down.” Jackson smiled.

“That’s not his named. I think its Greg or something.”

“It should be snorty. He snorts a lot.”

“Yeah, he does. Do you want to dance?” He asked coolly.

“Well you not snort on me?” I said jokily.

“No. I won’t.” He returned the joke.

“than I’d be honored.” I led he onto the floor and we begin to dance.

The End

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