Riley- A giftMature

It was after classes, and I was now locked safely in my room, away from everyone.

I was trying to plot my plan. I, after my classes went up to Jackson and told him yes. Than I walked away. Simple as that. I felt smart, and in power. But I knew he was up to something, and I was going to find out. After the Ball of course. No way. I was going to ruin that beautiful, black gown I had ordered. On Rush shipping of course.

It was a full Ball Gown, all back, ruffled at the bottom. It was big and long. If it was to long, I would cut it. It was beautiful. It would so good with my hair. I planned on doing most of it up, with two shards left down and curled. I hoped the ball wasn’t themed.


It was the big day. I was nervous as hell. I had plan. I was going to put a teaser in my boobs, a mini gun in my shoes. You never know when you might need those. Even if your me.

It was early morning, and we, the ‘Seniors’ had the day off. A( Because of Gradation the next Day. B( The Ball was tonight, and us girls were running around like Chickens. I had gone to class yesterday with my hair in curlers. I looked weird, but tonight would be worth it. I hope.

I sat on the floor of my room in my right split, working on my leg strength when my Dad came in.

“Hello…Where is Riley, Kid/” He said looking at me. I looked a mess. I had curlers in and that green stuff on my face.

“Hi Daddy.” I said sliding out of my split. I got up and hugged him, and eyed my gown.

“Are you exited? Honey, this is Prom for us!! Our first Gradation Class!”

“I am! Daddy, look at my dress!” I cooed, pointing.

“This is the four Hurned dollar dress I brought! Honey, it was worth it!” He said happily. “I just wish your Mother was here..” I looked at him at the sound of my Mother.

“Don’t talk about Mom. Whets in the box?” I said.

“Oh, some things your Mom would have given you to were tonight.”

“O?” I said. He opened the box and gave me a white tiara and a string of Pearls.

“Daddy! They are beautiful!” I hugged my Daddy tightly. Even though he did not share my beliefs, I still loved him.

“Let me pt them on you. Than you’ll have to get ready.” And he did. And I felt dressed.

In my Mothers Pearls.

The End

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