Jackson - Invitation to the BallMature

Ha! Finally I managed to make her confused! Golden Rule #1 For Spying: Confuse your target as much as you can. They’ll never figure out your intention if they’re confused enough.

“Wait. What? What ball? What the hell are you talking about Barker?” she asked, pausing her struggle against me momentarily. I smiled triumphantly as I saw her brain ticking away, trying to figure out my latest tactic.

“The Graduate’s Ball. Don’t tell me you don’t know what that is,” I said.

Riley shook her head.

“Gosh, you’re not really as smart as I thought. The ball for spy graduates. It’s held every year,” I spelled it out for her.

“Ok... And why are you asking me to come? We don’t even know each other,” she replied, then suddenly turned suspicious, “Is this part of your new trick, Barker? If so, you better watch out. I have a black belt in karate.”

“Oh, no tricks. I just felt that we should make a truce, you know. Starting fresh again. Forget that I saw you half naked at midnight,” I said, trying to sound nonchalant. She glared at me.

“That’s no reason why I would say yes to you, you bastard.”

“Well, let me give you a reason then,” I said, desperately racking my brain for a plausible reason, “I think you’re the prettiest and smartest girl here.”

I’d chosen the right reason. It turns out Riley Jones loved nothing more than a good bit of flattery. She was so confused now. Good!

“Really?” she said, the fierce glint in her blue eyes giving way to a softer dreamy look.

“Oh, will you two get off each other and get into class this minute!” ordered an unexpected voice. We sprang apart. Damn it, Ms Clarke! I nearly had her!

“Yes, Ms Clarke,” we replied at the same time, shuffling away awkwardly while waiting for Ms Clarke to leave the hallway. When I could no longer felt her boring gaze into our backs, I turned to Riley.

“So? Is it a yes?” I prompted.

“When’s the ball?” she said.

“Next Friday night at the Grand Hall,” I told her.

“Let me think about it, Jackson,” she said, turning into her class. I nodded goodbye and kept walking.

At the end of the hallway, I allowed myself to have that mental high five and grinned like an idiot at the wall. Yes! She called me Jackson! And had pretty much agreed to go to the ball with me! Golden Rule #2 For Spying: Keep your target closer to you than a friend. Any information is yours if they fall for your friendship.


The End

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