Jackson - Truth or DareMature

Great way to start a new class, Riley Jones. Arghh she’s just such a bloody know-it-all that it’s getting on my nerves. I learnt that when I was ten. I’m so smart. Blah blah blah. SHUT UP RILEY!

At least she had the grace to look guilty when Ms Clarke questioned her. I almost felt sorry for her when Ms Clarke reprimanded her for her outburst. Almost. I knew what she said was not directed at me in particular, but it still stung. I felt like an idiot for not knowing the five key steps to extracting information effectively from an opponent, because apparently we were meant to know it since we were ten. I bit my lip and scribbled down the information on the board as quickly as possible, hoping that the ideas would sink into my head with just as much speed. Finishing in record time, I sat up straight and flexed my hands, a triumphant smile playing on my lips.

I could hear a stifled laugh coming from beside me. Evidently, Riley was not very good at concealing her mirth. I looked at her, daring her to laugh at me further. She stared right back, her blue eyes glinting with superiority and smiled a smile of pity at me. God, I hate that girl! I clenched my fists on the table, trying hard to resist the temptation of slapping her arrogant face. Averting my eyes off her face, I glanced down at her notebook. It was blank, save for a margin filled with doodling of weapons. Oh, so she’s too good for this class to even bother copying the notes down. What a haughty @#$%@!

“Jones, Barker! Finished copying down the notes?” asked Ms Clarke.

“Yes, Miss,” we both replied. Oh, the liar!

I was surprised to see Riley picking up a pen for the first time since class started. She tore a page from her notebook and madly scribbled something down. About a minute later she folded it up and passed the note over to me. I eyed it suspiciously, and finally decided to open it.

“I’m bored. Know any games, Mr Teacher’s-Pet?”

Teacher’s pet indeed! I grabbed my black pen and added a few lines beneath her purple script.

“You play Truth or Dare, Ms Know-It-All? First question for you: Why were you out late last night?”

The End

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